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Why the smoking ban shouldnt be revoked

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Why the smoking ban shouldn't be revoked Is the UK a nanny state? Well according to one woman's outlook, reporter India Knights, it seems to be an agreeing answer. In my opinion, knights has a laissez-faire attitude and is rather negative about the UK government, stating that we are a "nanny state". Although some people may agree with her, I think we are given a fair amount of free will but knights has the idea that we are like caged hens. The government have never made any extreme laws (unlike in Kansas where it's illegal to put ice cream on cherry pie) but have made laws to benefit us in many ways. The smoking ban is a genuine act as the government do not charge tax and do not base it purely on their own financial interest, so really nanny does care. This can be compared to the 'guns allowed' policy in the US where everyday citizens are allowed to purchase firearms; if our government were to allow the same we may be seeing numerous gun riots and pools of blood. ...read more.


People who smoke are now avoided and more and more people dislike smokers. Almost every day I see people shift away from smokers outside pubs while covering their noses. It's like smoking is almost degrading. This has had a knock on effect on smokers and now thousands are trying to quit. Active effects of changing attitudes are the introduction of stop smoking campaigns like the new NHS stop smoking plan and the launch of the Nicorette brand. All these changes do affect the future too, maybe causing the future generation to smoke less than at the present. Knights did mention an effect of smoking, which was heart disease, but doesn't treat the matter seriously by comparing smoking with 'junk food'. Smoking is definitely a serious matter as 106,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking. Smoking, putting it basically, is ingesting tar and other nasty chemicals into your lungs. It can also reduce your life expectancy by ten years and cause illnesses like cancer, which is not very good news. ...read more.


Firstly, who forced her to do so? Knights instantly assumes that at home she has to smoke in front of her children, but there are such things as windows or just going outside all together. Knights talks negatively about the ban and the government throughout her article, however there are many benefits of the smoking ban. One would be that it saves a huge amount of money, with less people smoking there are less people going in and out of hospital. It also saves money for the smokers who decide to quit as they no longer have to buy cigarettes, which improves the current economy. It also removes an aspect of peer pressure. Smoking used to be popular and others were pressured to smoke in order to fit in, but now public attitudes have changed and have removed that facet. Additionally, because of changing attitudes, many people are starting to quit smoking which is benefiting their health. In conclusion the smoking ban is proving successful in many ways and a majority of people are responding positively towards the new law. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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