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Why was act 1scene 5 of romeo and juliet an effective piece of drama?

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Romeo and Juliet overall is a brilliant piece of drama but in particular the most dramatic scene is "Act 1 Scene 5", this is because the mixed emotions of love and hate which keeps the audiences attention and keeps them interested. At the start of the play we see the feud between the two families "The Capulet's" and "The Montague's" and get to know some of the main characters and their attitudes, this brings the audience in straight away which is a good way to start the play. The next main part of the play I think is when Romeo enters and is talking with Benvolio about his love for Rosaline and that she does not love him back this is shown through his speech like when he says "Out of her favour, where I am in love." I think this is an important part of the play as we learn how Romeo is very romantic and that he is in love with being in love. This leads onto scene two where Paris and Lord Capulet are discussing arranged marriage plans for Paris and Juliet and that they shall meet at the ball. ...read more.


His words are far different to the romantic words of Romeo when he was describing Juliet which once again shows the difference in character and attitude as Romeo is seen as the more romantic and Tybalt is seen as being very aggressive. Capulet tries to keep calm during this and gently rebukes Tybalt and tells him that Romeo is thought of a well mannered young man in Verona and that Tybalt should just "endure" him which means that he should go about what he was doing and just ignore that Romeo is there but Tybalt answers that he shall not endure him Capulet's mood starts to change and become irritated which is reflected in his language, he starts to use disparaging terms and describes his nephew using the more formal "you" for example Capulet says "you are a saucy boy". As talking to Tybalt suddenly his speech and tone changes to more of a party mood asking for "more light, more light" this shows us that he has not forgot he's the host of the party and don't want to be seen getting angry if someone walks past him and carries on when they have walked away. ...read more.


This theme was very effective and still is, it was so effective back in Elizabethan times it's been used up to now and is still in modern day television programmes like Eastenders, this shows that it is very effective to engage audience and also keeps the storyline from getting boring. The way Shakespeare uses dramatic irony in many places in this scene and in the rest of the play makes the audience get into the play more because they want to see if the character that does not know what they know finds out which makes a cliff hanging effect as it makes the audience think will they find out? There are also the littler features in the play like the religious imagery used in Romeo and Juliet's sonnet that keeps the play from getting dull and reinforces the seriousness of the love that they both share. I think this scene is crucial to the rest of the play and must engage the audience because it sets the scene for the rest of the play. Why is Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet an effective piece of drama? Nathan Sarahs 10y3 ...read more.

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