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World War 1

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Hannah's Monologue I, Mattie's widow, Hannah. Regret the fact that I let him go on war. He lost his life. He lost his family. He lost everything. He lost everything, when his life was flourishing, when it was the time of his life, the prime time. He never met his son, John and... John never met his father, a brave and courageous warrior. He will never know his father and how much his father sacrificed. But, when I look at John, I see Mattie. The blond-red hair, nice clean skin and green eyes like fiery emeralds. Sometimes I think John's a clone of Mattie. He has Mattie's good habits and bad. John is my last memory of Mattie. So I can't let go of him because he's the only person I have in life. I don't want my son to grow up because I know he will want to follow his father's footsteps. When I think about Mattie, I just imagine him in the clouds during the day, following us... ...read more.


But, I'm proud of Mattie because he had a sense of his country and love for his country. He was ready to dedicate and devote his life to his country. He was a scrupulous soldier. Mattie was a patriot. A supporter of his country. He enlisted because he believed in conflict for justice. He was a idealist. Mattie wanted history to prove that he was a hero. And... he did. Soldiers are brave men; their lives are tools for our safety. They put themselves in danger to protect us, so we can sleep a peaceful sleep. We can live in the country freely with no danger around. But, a soldier's bravery is never noted. As one wise man said "Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them". Soldiers give their lives up but their bravery isn't recognised as much as a general's is recognised; even though soldiers work their hardest. Mattie wanted to live his life as a combat soldier. ...read more.


Now that Mattie has gone, I don't exist. My life is now decimated because Mattie is decimated. As people say love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. I lost love so I lose him. He was my darling... my sweetheart... my honey... But, now he is my nothing because he doesn't EXIST!!! I should just move on. Just live life in admiration, adoration and affection of Mattie. At least that way I will be able to forget him a little. Take my mind of him. But, I just can't. He was my life. My reason of living/being. He was the sparkle of my life. I gave my life up for him and now I'm giving my life up to John. I'm the only person John has in this world. Otherwise, he's got no one. He's lonely. Now when I see a picture of Mattie, I can feel him in wind, the sun ray and in me. He is everywhere to take care for us the way he took care the country in the war. He was a true soldier. A true hero. Both ways a combater and a family soldier. ...read more.

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