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Write a comparison, of 'Story of an Hour' by Kate Chopin, 'Turned' by Perkins Gilman and 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte. What do you learn about the position of the women from your reading?

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ESSAY Essay Task: - Write a comparison, of 'Story of an Hour' by Kate Chopin, 'Turned' by Perkins Gilman and 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte. What do you learn about the position of the women from your reading? In recent times I have compared and comprehended three narratives that are very close to the position of women throughout the early 19th century up till the late 20th century. They entirely demonstrate the changes that have taken place over these eras, and how women acquire the strength to gain their rightful place in society's social circles. Two of these are brief tales known as, 'Story of an hour' written by Kate Chopin and 'Turned' by Perkins Gilman. The third of these stories is an exhilarating romance novel otherwise known as 'Jane Eyre,' written by Charlotte Bronte, a timeless classic. Civilisation in these tome periods where very rigorous towards the issue of marriage and divorce; the community would disapprove and condemn it very reprehensibly, and factors such as affairs were looked upon very inhospitably, in addition, these subject matters meant more when it involved women. (If a man where to have an affair with another woman it wouldn't be looked upon as harshly, as it would for a woman in exactly the same circumstances.) ...read more.


If you think about it in the significance of loving more than one family member, it becomes a lot easier to understand. As individuals we love our families and friends that surround us day in and day out, and even though we sometimes love one person more than the other, the fact is that at the end of the day you still show some sort of affection and care towards the people around you, which is also a form of love. I think this was the case for Mr. Mariner; he was enkindled with himself and couldn't separate his feelings from reality itself. In distinction to both 'story of an Hour' and 'Turned' is Charlotte Bronte's liaison of 'Jane Eyre.' Jane Eyre is a novel overflowing with description, and a story written a way head of it's time. The connection of Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester is a relationship full of passion and excitement. The bond between the two characters is exceedingly spontaneous and impulsive, but in a good way. It just seems as if the story is coming to life, as it written in the first person and it creates a broad horizon so you can visualize the settings and atmosphere of where everything is happening. ...read more.


Many people say authors such as Perkins Gilman and Charlotte Bronte are feminists, but this it self is not true. Just because both ladies write about the truths on how woman are dealt with in the time periods of 19th century and 20th century and even now, it automatically appears to get judged as feminism. I myself think that between men and woman there are very few differences, yet many men like to think that they're classed far superior to woman. This is the attitude that leads to a book or an author being called feminist, as men think, that it is wrong for woman to be saying or even writing things that deal with these subject matters. (In a way they can't handle the truth. It may sound a bit sexist of me to be saying it, but I think that is the actual reality.) In conclusion, through thoroughly examining all three stories, I think its fine judgement to say that no; none of these authors and characters were feminists and that they succeeded in history to take a small step for woman's rights and place them in the right position for gaining freedom and independence. By breaking the barriers of partial and prejudiced laws, womankind have been able to take a leap into the future, have a say, and that's why we are where we are today. Rashmita Chowdhury ...read more.

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