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Write about the way Golding depicts the theme of order and leadership in the novel, paying particular attention to chapters 1-4

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Write about the way Golding depicts the theme of order and leadership in the novel, paying particular attention to chapters 1-4 * Refer to key incidents that reveal the theme of leadership/power * Refer to Golding's use of symbolism In the novel there are many sections and incidents where Golding has included power he may have also done this in a metaphoric way. I am going to be writing about some of the ways he emphasises this element of power within the boys while they are on the island. Golding opens the novel with two characters only, the two characters are Ralph and Piggy, the element of leadership and power starts from as early as this point, as soon as Ralph sees the 'fat boy', 'he tried to be offhand and not too obviously uninterested'. I believe that Golding is immediately trying to show us what we as humans are like, using Piggy as a symbol, Ralph hasn't even spoken to Piggy but he is immediately not listening to what he is saying because of his appearance. ...read more.


Ralph eventually blew the conch and called the others after Piggy had told him to blow from 'down here' in the diaphragm. Ralph was then embraced and voted as the new leader when all of the others arrived simply because he had the conch and was the one who brought them together. This shows that although Ralph wouldn't have known how to blow the conch or what to do with the conch without Piggy he was simply voted leader because he did it. I believe that Golding is using this to try and say something about society. From the very start of the novel Piggy is treated like an outsider to the rest of the group, he is bullied by everyone else and is singled out by Jack. However this is ironic because he is the most mature of the group and has the most common sense, he also refers to the other children as 'kids' this is ironic as he is only young but it also shows that he is much more mature that the other children that are there. ...read more.


I also believe that Golding uses Piggy's glasses as a symbol of that they are moving away from being civilised children towards savagery when Jack breaks them. I believe that because only one lens broke it shows that the children are on they're way towards savagery but not there yet. I believe that the mask is also a symbol of power, as it takes away Jack's identity of being an English sophisticated child. It changed him into being a soldier that gives him the power to kill a pig. I believe that Golding has used this to show how much Jack has changed from when he first stepped on the island. Finally I think that when Jack killed the pig it emphasises that the group of children have power over the island, I also think that the chants that they were shouting, 'kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood' shows how violent and savage they'd got. I believe that Golding has enforced a deeper meaning into the novel about leadership and the society we live in, and I think that it is very effective. 1 By Kurtis Sheppard ...read more.

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