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Writing to advise

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Write an article for a teenage magazine advising non- Face book users how they can use the network to improve their lives Facebook, one of the world's most viewed website and is used by millions all around the world. Why may you ask? Have you ever wanted to share photos and allow your friends to view them without printing them off? Have you ever wanted to get people's opinion without calling them? Has your email ever let you down? Have you ever wanted to get to know someone better? Have you wanted to celebrate a special occasion? Have you not caught up with one of your old friends and you want to speak him or her? Well all of this is capable with Facebook. Facebook has changed the way millions communicate to others, Facebook is simple to use, user friendly and has lovely interface. ...read more.


You also you meet a great number of people at your age; during school, after school activities and extracurricular activities. You may wish to speak to them or they need to speak to you, this is where Facebook is very useful. Every Facebook user will have a status bar, were if they wish to type anything they can do. With this you can allow your whole Facebook friend list to comment on what you have typed in, therefore this is a great way of saving hassle by calling multiple people up to say what is on your mind. Emailing, texting and calling is permanent ways of staying in touch to one another nowadays. However these aren't always reliable, the network of Facebook is! You can send messages to one another easily and you can talk to someone similar to MSN. ...read more.


Facebook allow you to be friends with whomever and wherever the person lives or is from. This is very useful for people who make friends on holiday and are not able to stay in contact with them. Events. Events are hard to organize due to people being busy on the day or don't inform you whether they can come or not to your celebration. However with Facebook it is very simple. When creating an event you can turn your privacy settings on or off, so that only certain people can see it or you can allow your whole friends list to see it. Using the events on Facebook is a great way of being informed if people can or can't come to your event. Everybody has to tick a box to say whether they can attend or can't or who are maybe's. What is excellent about this is that you can see who else can come or can't come. ...read more.

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