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writing to descirbe

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Original writing Lee and his mates where out getting drunk and everything late at night, but they always found themselves to be bored. Later that evening lee came home late in my friend's car, which obviously was stolen. as lee entered, there sitting on the stairs like a pack of mulls ready to attack, a concerned mum. Lee as usual answered back to her and always ending up with the same excuse, 'Ill won't be late tomorrow'. However, his mum was not quite sure. As lee strolled along the park with his mates, but he did not seem to notice that they were been followed. As they turned around the corner lee and his mates found them trapped, nowhere to go. ...read more.


Lee wondered if his attacker had planned this assault all along. He picked up his ripped jacket with difficulty and then decided to catch the last bus home. Every bone in his body seemed to burn with pain. As he painfully staggered round the street corner, a blast of icy wind deepened the pain of his crippling wounds. The intensified thumping in his ribs shook him out of his state of semi - comatose shock. He fell in a shop doorway. Coupled with the stench of the trodden cartons of last night's takeaways, his dilemma became unbearable. He was overpowered by the trauma of his experiences, was uncontrollably, and very painfully, sick. He wondered why he had agreed to go out that night. ...read more.


Only this time he was not in the audience. He relived the incessant blows to the head, the multiple punches, and kicks to his ribs, and the final humiliation, the hideous, mocking laughter of his assailant. Barely able to stand up, lee staggered agonisingly down the quiet, city street. He was badly battered and bruised. He had been viciously attacked by a huge, powerful assailant who had thrown punches at him like a boxer. There was blood trickling his face and he was badly shaken. It was a brutal, unprovoked assault. He now felt alone and abandoned, like small boy swept up upon the shore of a remote, unfamiliar island of pain, self - pity and fear. Mum and dad would be at Jason's playing their guitars and listening to Green Day. If only he had listened to their advice to not go out that night. ...read more.

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