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Writing to Inform - newspaper article.

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A family who have been missing for more than a month, after disappearing on a crossing of the Pacific Ocean, have been found alive. Mr and Mrs Jones and their twin sons had been missing after their boat was wrecked by a killer whale. After this happened they took to their dinghy, Ednamair, for thirty-seven days before finally being rescued. Sometime during their ordeal, they lost an opportunity to be rescued, when a passing ship failed to notice them, despite flares being lit. ...read more.


Lyn, the mother of the family, explained to us that over the course of the thirty-seven days they developed scurf and boils on their skin that pained them when they moved. After lighting the flares, Mr Jones was afraid that the ship was not turning towards them, but in fact just wobbling in the waves. He spoke of how his wife and sons were brimming with excitement at the prospect of being rescued. ...read more.


The father of the family told reporters that he said ?I shall remember the taste of that beautiful liquid to the end of my days? in reference to a tin of orange juice, given to him by sailors aboard the ?Tokamaru 1?, to highlight how dehydrated the family became. Thankfully they were saved when a Japanese fishing vessel, sailing through the Pacific Ocean, noticed their flares. ...read more.

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