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You do not need university to be successful in life

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?You do not need university to be successful in life.? Success depends on each individual; the meaning success varies to everyone. I believe it is not necessary to attend university to be successful in life. Wealth isn?t the same as success it is apart of success. Going to university may prepare you for what you might encounter in the career path you choose, but reaching success depends on other things. Bill Gates knew what he wanted to do since the age of sixteen! Thus leaving Harvard University after reading ?The little book.? Some people just take longer to realise, to see, to know what they definitely want to do after their education and university could be there for those kinds of people. University may not do you any good at all if you do not try hard or study while you are there. ...read more.


It is not necessary to go to university to learn, one can learn from their mistakes, the past and their positive experience. If you keep up with a positive attitude, and motivation to learn to be successful without university?s education still possible. The great Eckharat Tolle once said, ?you cannot become successful. You can only be successful.? Care and attention is the key to success it is not about what you do, it is about how you do it. Some might say that success is a combination of luck and hard work, a concoction of willpower and talent or being at the right place at the right time. These could be the factors of success but they are not the heart of success. Expectations and the definition of success were different and people have different perspectives on success. ...read more.


The theory behind this is because the one who excelled in academics would still carry the illusion of what the society is like, according to what he was told. In conclusion I agree that you don?t have to go to university to be successful at life, but both sides definitely have its pros and cons. I do believe that being successful is doing something you are good at and enjoy. However I also believe that being really successful at a profession is to choose a career that is rare or uncommon, that would really benefit people, especially the younger generation because being good at a subject is great however being good at something that not just everyone can do is even better, because no one could ever take that away from you, just like the knowledge. No one can take knowledge away from you. ...read more.

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