DO we really need exams?

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Do we really need exams?

The educational system relies too much on standardized tests and exams. Current examinations are only memory retention contest. The educational process could take up to 20 years of our life and for most of us this process is vital. That is why the structure of this system should be built very carefully. Students must be assessed throughout the years as well as examined at the end of every year. This combination will test skills and knowledge not only of what you have learnt but your personal abilities.

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Although exams can be somehow useful, they are too easily cheated on and manipulated by both students and teachers, making them useless. For most students exams represent cramming, bad study habits and rote memorization of facts. Exams that test this sort of information do not provide accurate reflection of the student’s intellectual abilities. The real feedback they give is only what students can cram better than other.

On the other hand, exams are the most subjective way for measuring knowledge. They should remain because they test years of knowledge which is beneficial for your future and career path. Examination could ...

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