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A Geographical Comparison Of Hatfield And Cambridge

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A Geographical Comparison Of Hatfield And Cambridge Method This part of the coursework will explain how I collected my data from Hatfield and Cambridge. Land Use Survey In the land use survey I had to navigate my way around Cambridge and write the names of the shops in there correct location for colour coding when we got back. Using colour coding we have had the chance to see the type of distribution of shops across Cambridge town centre in a much easier way. We also done this for Hatfield so we can now compare these two types of distribution. Pedestrian Survey In our coursework we have included a pedestrian survey so we can compare the amount of people in certain places in Cambridge and Hatfield. In the columns in our table we wrote the location of where we was standing, the number of pedestrians that were counted, the time we started counting and the time we finished counting. e.g. Location Number Of Pedestrians Time Started Time Finished Thompsons Lane 25 11:25 11:30 (Outside Garfunkels) For Cambridge we had 4 results and for Hatfield we had 2. Here we can compare these results to see how many more people visit different places in Hatfield and Cambridge. ...read more.


These results show that people come from a larger distance to use Cambridge shopping centre and in Hatfield the majority of people come from a 1 mile radius of the town centre. In the larger distances e.g. over 60 miles for Cambridge and over 40 miles for Hatfield these people might have just been visiting friends or family and could not have came just to use the town centre. These results are shown in my star graphs and in my flow line map. This shows that Hatfield is more popular for locals and that not many people travel a long distance to shop here. How Long Does It Take? The answers for these results were - Hatfield - up to 15 mins(48), 16-30mins(19), 31mins-1 hour(1), 1-2 hours(3), over 2 hours(2) Cambridge results were - under 15 mins(21), 16-30mins(11), 31mins-1 hour(5), 1-2hours(2), over 2 hours(2). These results show that the most people in both towns only lived approx 15 minutes or under away and the numbers went down as the time got longer. You can see this in my star graphs. I cannot really compare these Hatfield and Cambridge results as they are both very similar to each other How Did You Travel Here? ...read more.


What I could add to my coursework would b a better shoppers questionnaire in which I would have an equal number of people participating in the survey so therefore I could compare my results a lot easier. If I had the chance to take a second visit I defiantly would to improve my coursework and to collect more data on one way streets, car parking and bus schedules in Cambridge as my information lacked in this area of my coursework. I would also re-visit both town centre's to take pictures to add to my coursework and analyse as I did not have the chance to do so. In my opinion I think that Cambridge is the town for everyone no matter what your looking for and for people from all distances. Whereas I think that Hatfield is just the typical local town centre for simple everyday needs. You would find it a lot easier to have a good day out in Cambridge than in Hatfield town centre, we can see this from the surroundings of Hatfield town centre compared to the amazing colleges and university's in Cambridge. To end my coursework I strongly think that Hatfield is more the shopping centre for locals and Cambridge is the place to go for a family day out, sightseeing or shopping for every need. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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