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Analizing shopping survey and factors that could affect the answers of shopping survey

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Method Below, it's my table of methods: Method Day of week Date Time Weather Mapping of Pennine Drive Friday 8th of June 2007 11.40 AM Windy and rainy Questionnaire Wednesday 8th of August 2007 13.15 PM Hot and sunny Mapping of Brent Cross Shopping Centre Thursday 9th of August 2007 16.30 PM Hot and sunny Questionnaire Tuesday 14th of August 2007 15.15 PM Cool and cloudy Mapping of Golders Green Saturday 15th of September 2007 16.00 PM Cool and cloudy Questionnaire Wednesday 19th of September 2007 17.30 PM Cloudy and cool Mapping of Edgware Broadwalk Shopping Centre Friday 28th of September 2007 16.15 PM Cold and clear Questionnaire Saturday 15th of October 2007 12.30 PM Cold and cloudy The reason why I need this table (above) is because factors like day of the week, time of the day and weather conditions may affect my results that I've collected. Factors which could affect my results: Weather- if there is a bad weather while I'm carrying out the investigation, the number of people in the shopping area will decrease. ...read more.


This also included cars. The method was taken down in 15 minute period. The bus count showed me how busy is specific shopping area. People Count I used this method because it showed me the popularity of an area and how many people pass through the area in 15 minute period. This helped me to analyse which area is the most popular and useful. Environmental Quality Investigation By using this investigation method I could decide whether the area is clean and tidy. I monitored the amount of chewing gums on the ground, the graffiti, availability of the toilets and more. I also used this to show the environmental quality between the shopping areas and compare the investigations. Number of bus routes The different bus routes showed me the different buses which were able to reach a certain destination. It also gave me the level of difficulty getting to the area. Number of bus routes can also affect the number of people who come to shop at the area, as for some is very hard to get there b having few bus routes. ...read more.


I thought 10 was a number which will give me fair results. Shopping Survey 1. How often do you visit this shopping area? Daily More than once a week Weekly More than once a month Just a few times each year Never before 2. How far from this shopping area do you live? Less than 1 mile 1 to 5 miles 5 to 10 miles More than 10 miles In which area of London or town/city do you live? ________________________________________ 3. How did you travel to this shopping area? Walking By car By train By bus Other If other, please suggest how? ______________________________________ 4. Why did you choose to shop at this shopping area? Choice of shops For a particular shop Convenience Easy to get to Good car parking Appropriate price Quality of services provided Other reasons 5. Did you ever have any problems with this shopping area? Yes No If yes, please explain? __________________________________________________________ 6. How much do you spend when you shop in this area? 0-5� 5-10� 10-15� 15-20� 20-25� 25-30� More than 30� 7. When shopping in this area, how many stores do you typically shop? 1/2/3/4/5/6/7-8/9-10/More than 10 8. Are the shops suitable for your needs? Yes No ...read more.

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