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Briefly outline the characteristic of the Tropical Rainforest biome. Growing international concern of the Tropical Rainforest clearance. Give detailed accounts of pressure of activities, which lead to forest clearance.

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Briefly outline the characteristic of the Tropical Rainforest biome. Growing international concern of the Tropical Rainforest clearance. Give detailed accounts of pressure of activities, which lead to forest clearance. The Tropical Rainforest (TRF) has its own biome that is the key to such a wide diversity of flora and fauna. The TRF biome is situated around equatorial regions and occurs on a number of continents (South America, Amazonian, and Central Africa, The Congo). The TRF biome is characterised by climatic, topographic, biotic and biotic factors. The climate of the TRf is characterised by all year round warm temperatures (above 21�c), precipitation and also light intensity. These conditions provide ideal conditions for plants to photosynthesise. Topographic factors, which characterise the TRF biomes, are altitude, aspect and slope angle. The a biotic factors are parent rock type which affect the soil texture, pH, structure, organic content, depth, water and oxygen content and also nutrient content. ...read more.


This occurs in selective areas by large scale felling to meet the needs of industry. Only about 1/20 trees is of economic value to loggers yet loggers often pay scant attention to the trees that are brought down along with the tree that they are trying to fell. Loggers are inefficient which leads to unnecessary forest clearance. The heavy machinery brought in compacts the soil, which leads to surface run-off and more damage to the TRF. Road construction to transport the timber means lager areas are cleared. Critically, road construction in logging areas opens up huge tracks of forest to the landless poor who then move in to practice a version of the traditional method of cultivation, 'slash and burn'. However, the 'shifting cultivators' do not allow the forest soil long enough to regain its fertility and so, the settlers simply clear more forest land and start again. ...read more.


Large areas of the forest are cleared to grow these cash crops. As global demand for meat has increased, the clearance and burning of forest vegetation has also increased to provide suitable pastureland for the cattle to graze on. An area of 80,000km� of forestland in Brazil was converted into 300 ranches. After a period of time, the land becomes infertile and the ranches must be relocated to provide fresh pastureland. Large areas of forestland have been cleared in the Amazon to create a city in order to provide for Brazils increasing population. Manaus, situated in central Amazonian, has a rising population of 1,000,000,000. Here large areas of forest have been cleared to construct housing, roads, electricity, office blocks, manufacturing plants and other buildings. As the number of cars has increased in Brazil, the need for petroleum has resulted in the construction of an oil pipeline that runs from Venezuela to Brazil. This has leaded the clearance of large areas of the forest, which has seen the destruction of flora and fauna. ...read more.

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