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Changes in shopping over the past 30 years.

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Introduction In this project I will be looking at the changes in shopping over the past 30 years. I will be looking at the busiest areas, traffic count, shop types and car park count. Launceston is in the south West of England as you can see in map 1. Launceston is in the north of Cornwall as you can see in map 2. It has a Norman castle that is on the outskirts of the CBD (84,32). My school Launceston College is at 333,837 it is on the outer suburbs of Launceston. Launceston is twinned with Plestin Les Greves, which is a French town. The population of Launceston is 7050 and is about 28-30 km from Plymouth and about 60 km from Exeter. The main road that runs through Launceston and stops at Penzance is called the A30. Launceston is about 15-20 km away from Dartmoor National Park and 25-30 km from Bude on the coast. In Launceston in the 1960s the most common shops were butcher, fishmongers and green grocers, now there are less than half what there was in the 1960s. The least common shop in the 1960s was the supermarket as there was only one of them, but now there is still only one supermarket in the CBD. ...read more.


Stratified sampling is the last one it takes into count the relative proportion of different groups within the sample. We didn't do this type of sampling, we could have but it would have been a lot of effort. In primary data the first thing we did was a pedestrian count, we collected this by first getting into groups of 2 or 3, we then went to different roads around the CBD, we then counted traffic going in and out of the CBD and we did this for 5 mins. The reason we did a traffic count was to see if the CBD was the busiest part of town as theored in my introduction. Next we did a pedestrian count. The first thing we did was to get into groups of 2 or 3 we then went to different parts. We then counted the number of people walking in and out of the town for five mins. The reason we did a pedestrian count was to see where the busiest part of the CBD was and to see how many people prefer walking than using a car or lorry or public transport. Next we did a car park count, we split into groups of 2 or 3 and went to different car parks around town. We walked around and counted all the parked cars in the car park. ...read more.


The more shops there are the bigger the town will get and the lazier people will get. Evaluation I'm my study of the changes in shopping in Launceston over the past 30 years I have found many things out about Launceston in general and detailed about the shopping patterns. I think I collected sufficient data but I could of gone back in the summer holidays so I would have had something to compare my first set of data with, even though I said was going to do this I couldn't find the time an I thought that I had enough information and results. The disadvantages of the way we collected some of the data was the time span we had to do it in, I think that if we had done some of the counts over more than 5 minutes and if we had done each count twice in one day we probably would of had better results, because we would have had comparisons of the difference of the time of day meant or if I didn't make a difference at all. If I had to collect the data again and in my own way I would of made the collection of data wider and longer, because it would of helped lot. I think my results were quite accurate as they were done well and not rushed. ...read more.

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