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Choice of Sites to open a new sports shop.

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Choice of Sites I decided on two potential sites for my sports shop. The first site was a shop in Market Place, Boston, and used to be a car accessories shop. The second site was a new development in Pescod Square. Market Place This is described by the estate agents as a "prominent Market Place retail unit situated in close proximity to Boots the Chemists, Superdrug, Poundstretcher and Marks and Spencer. The position is further strengthened by the abundance of car parking throughout Market Place as well as regular markets held on Wednesdays and Saturdays" The shop is leasehold, meaning that it will be rented from the owner of the building. The rent is �32,500 per year. There is 99m� of floor space. The estate agents are right about the prominent position of this shop. It is on the Market Place and is in a line of very busy shops. As well as the big stores mentioned, the are banks, building societies, and other major name shops, as well as smaller family-run businesses. ...read more.


Above is a street map of Boston showing the site. Below is an arial photograph Pescod Square The Pescod Square shopping complex is a �22 million development in the center of Booston that will, when it is finished, have 23 shops (including some big national names) and 400 car parking spaces. The first shop is due to pen this autumn and the whole development should be finished by May 2004. The shopping center is being built behind Marks and Spencer and Oldrids, the two biggest shops in the town, and will be next to the pedestrian precinct on Wide Bargate. Unfortunately, no prices are yet available for the rent on any of the shops in the center, and there are no precise details as to the actual floor size This will definitely be the busiest place in Boston. The arrival of High Street shops, such as Next and Ottakers, in the town will mean that more people will come into Boston from nearby towns and villagers. ...read more.


New shopping centre could affect shops in Market Place PESCOD SQUARE Strengths 1. New development that is attracting well known High Street shops 2. Plenty of car parking Weaknesses 1. Do not know how much it will cost to rent a shop in the centre Opportunities 1. A new business in a new centre, with a chance to build loyal customers Threats 1. A major chain sports shop is very near the new centre and will form part of it when finished Final Decision I decided to open my new shop in the Pescod Square shopping centre. I made this decision because I believe the shopping centre will be very popular. It is indoors, and people will prefer to go there when the weather is bad. It is a smaller unit than the one in Market Place and will be cheaper to run and staff. Although it is near a branch of a major chain of sports shops, my shop will be more specialist and will attract customers who will come to mine for specific items as well as people just browsing. Matthew Storer Giles School Form 11GG ...read more.

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