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Commentary on poem "After The Flood"

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Commentary on poem "After The Flood" The poem "After The Flood" has a slow and steady tempo. The poet created it by not mentioning too many events at once, but slowly, and gives time for the observer to recall - "I remembered..." and gives his own opinion on the events - "It had not been a bad rise..." These give the readers a better understanding and a clearer picture on what is happening. As we read through the poem, we have an image of the observer, standing at the ruins of the park, observing carefully what is going on around and describing them in words what he sees and comparing them with the past condition - which was before the flood. The pace of the observer in observing is somewhat unified with the tempo of the poem, so the reader is like 'following' the observer and listening to him. After reading the poem, a calm and tense less image of the observer is created in our mind. ...read more.


Line 19-20 is a simile where the flowing river is compared to a beast that is sneaking around. It is referred as 'beast' as it had created a massive destruction to the place and has ruined everybody's mood. Now, it is as if the 'beast' is tired and retreats slowly, so it is said to be sneaking around. Another role of the river in this poem is to show continuity of life. Though the place had been devastated and the river's flow had been disturbed, it still flows as it should be. So it passes a message to the observer and the readers that no matter what happened to us, we are not allowed to give up and lose hope, we have to continue our lives and persevere. The devastation by the flood is also described clearly by different comparisons. The observer visits a park and notice that it had been destroyed by the flood. He thinks condition now is so bad - without trees and living things, that even in the past, during summer, when the trees is losing its life (metaphorically), the park is still two feet higher. ...read more.


Atmosphere of tragic is created in the last 5 lines of the poem, when the observer sees an old coat hanging on a tree-branch. The image created in us is a person dragged along with the powerful river flow, screaming for help and finally his/her coat is stuck on a tree-branch, whereas the person is dragged to a place nobody knows. This tells us different fates which happened to people during the flood. It also arouses a feeling of pity and misery to the readers. Last line of the poem, "What sort of drunken creature had passed there." sums up the observer feelings and views of the flood. It is referred as drunken because it just passed across anything without consideration. It didn't bother whether the victim is old or young, male or female - it just went through them. The flood is compared with a 'creature' because it acted without thinking and caused a terrible devastation, just like a creature is - thoughtless. The theme created in the poem is destruction and misery. The aspect of destruction is portrayed out by (line 7-10), whereas the feeling of misery is mostly brought out from (line 27-31). ...read more.

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