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Deforestation presents a conflict of interest between production and conservation.

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Deforestation presents a conflict of interest between production and conservation Deforestation is the permanent removal of all the trees in an area. Throughout history forests have been cleared for agriculture, making new settlements and logging. Forests play a significant role in the earth's environmental balance. Besides producing oxygen they store carbon dioxide so play a big role in controlling global warming. Forests found in the more temperate climates in the industrialised nations are very different to tropical rainforests. Forests found in temperate areas are likely to grow back(but are replaced by non-native trees like conifers) whereas tropical forests are not due to the balance between climate and vegetation being lost after they are removed. ...read more.


Deforestation destroys habitats so drives some species to extinction. These species could have a lot of human value e.g. plants have provided anti-cancer drugs, hence we loose the possibility of finding cures for diseases like cancer which take millions of lives a year. When forests are cut they are often burned this releases all the carbon dioxide the tree had stored in its lifetime into the atmosphere this contributes to rising green house gasses which cause global warming. Global warming will have several effects on global ecology including rising sea levels due to glaciers melting will cause coastal towns to be affected by frequent flooding and soil salination. ...read more.


Even if artificial fertiliser is added and land is irrigated the nutrients will be leached out and end up causing freshwater pollution as well as soil salination.. Since theirs less vegetation cover more rain water gets into river and can lead to flooding further down the river. Sustainable development is one way developing countries can make use of the forest resources without compromising those of future generations. Examples of sustainable development are rubber tapping and agroforestry. Trees are one of are most important renewable sources and should be looked after because they influence bio-diversity erosion and the climate. One way of reversing effects like global warming may be to plant more trees in areas where it is possible. FARRYAD ISHAQ ...read more.

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