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Describe and explain the decline of traditional seaside resorts in MEDCS in the past 30 years

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Describe and explain the decline of traditional seaside resorts in many MEDCs in the past 30 years Over the past 30 years the state of many seaside resorts in the UK and other MEDCs has been in a state of decline. Tourists are now travelling to cheaper LEDC resorts such as Northern Africa and Eastern Europe after suffering destination fatigue with traditional holiday resorts, as tourist numbers in destinations drop the income of an area begins to suffer and the multiplier effect from visitors stops, leading the whole area to suffer economic decline. An example of a UK seaside resort in decline is Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. According to Butler's tourism model Whitley bay is in a state of sustained decline which is represented in its derelict hotels, arcades in a condition of disrepair and the vandalised and almost ruin-like remains of 'The Spanish City' a once busy amusement park in the late 1980's. Prior to the package holiday Whitley Bay attracted phsycocentric tourists mostly from Northern England and Southern Scotland who would usually drive to the resort and spend up to two weeks enjoying all the beaches and attractions Whitley Bay had to offer. ...read more.


As the town continued to grow department stores were built in the new shopping district to cater for the needs of the New York tourists. Several factors lead to the decline of Asbury Park, the sewage system under so much strain began to pollute the beaches in the 1980's sparking a health scare amongst tourists. Race riots in the early 1980's occurred in several cities in the USA and Asbury Park was no exception, due to the segregation and lack of opportunities for the Afro-American community in Asbury Park many participated in riots setting fire to stores, vandalising cars and diminishing the towns peaceful reputation .Access to air travel had increased over the years and the wealthy tourists originally attracted to Asbury Park though now suffering from destination fatigue could now afford to visit destinations worldwide. As tourist numbers dropped the multiplier effect ceased to function leading many businesses to compete amongst each other and inevitably many went out of business including the grand Asbury Park Casino and the Royal Amusements. ...read more.


Although Daytona received record tourist numbers throughout the early 1990's the reputation of the city declined under the impression that Daytona was a 'party town' with high crime rates and a declining culture. As tourist numbers began to drop local government decided to take action. By investing in new developments of expensive hotels and amenities student numbers fell as they moved on to more affordable seaside resorts and by 2002 the number of spring breakers arriving in Daytona was insignificant enough to allow officials to stop estimating their numbers. In order to restore Daytona Beach to its former years the local government set up the Daytona Bike Week in January 2000 and 'Biketoberfest' in the October of the same year. These rallies were intended to play on the cities history of vehicle testing and attract over 500 000 tourists from around the world for each 10 day event. In 2005 it was estimated that tourist numbers were around the same number as in 1991 proving the development schemes had been successful in avoiding the sustained decline of the city. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jordan Beasley ...read more.

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