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Describe the advantages and diadvantages of fish farming.

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´╗┐FISH FARMING Name ; Aysha Tahir Subject : Biology Grade : 11 Teacher : Sis Abida Uzma Date: Thursday , June 14, 2012 Introduction You might be wondering what fish farming is? well fish farming is basically a form of agriculture and another name for fish farming is aquaculture .Fishing farming is process which involves raising fish in an enclosed area so they can used in the fishing industry .This type of farm can be built on land or over natural bodies of water, an example can be off of an ocean shore. Fish farms can raise a variety of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants. The positive impact that fish farming may have on the wild population the positive impact that fish farming may have on wildlife population is that fish farms can provide habitats of even higher quality than traditional artificial reefs .Also large amounts ...read more.


Fisheries and escapes from sea cages Rainbow trouts ,arctic charr ,halibut ,sea bream , sea bass , and meager are a few examples of fish that have escaped from cages .Most fish farms are usually located close to wild fish habitats and it is likely when the fish escape they mix with the habitat .But fish that escape may interact negatively with wild population ,and it can involve competition ,transfer of diseases and pathogens and interbreeding . Effects on diseases and parasites Diseases and parasites are a principal constraint to the development of many fish species because the increased of intensification and commercialization of aquatic production. Therefore, the aquaculture industry has been overwhelmed with its share of diseases and problems caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other undiagnosed and emerging pathogens and the transmission of disease between wild animals and farm animals is investigated. ...read more.


Contains Essential nutrients, with a high protein value and low to moderate fat in comparison to terrestrial animals. Overpopulated Easily-maintained, requires much less attention than cattle and other farm animals Part of an aquatic food chain, therefore it is not taking prey from omnivorous and carnivorous predators. Disadvantages Fishing costs (most of modern fishing utilizes technology such as weights, nets, seine nets (e.g. beach seine), trawls (e.g. bottom trawl), dredges, hooks and line (e.g. long line and hand line), lift nets, gillnets, entangling nets and traps Aquatic contamination and pollution:(e.g. Oil spills, human material thrown in water often harms fish) High density to volume ratio, fish often clustered together thus causing high stress level which increases susceptibility to disease and transfers disease at an accelerated Mercury: Fish and shell-fish are able to concentrate mercury in their bodies, due to this being a toxin it can show negative effects if it is consumed. ...read more.

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