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Distinguish between primary and secondary resources used in recreation and tourism

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Geography Essay Distinguish between primary and secondary resources used in recreation and tourism. Primary resources are mainly physical conditions that are natural; for example the climate is a primary resource. If the climate is hot in a country then this will be a pull factor to attract tourists. Also lots of sports need fine weather to play. Some sports such as skiing need a cold climate and snow. Beaches are also a main primary resource for tourists as they can relax by the sea and sunbathe. Lots of national parks attract many tourists for example the Grand Canyon a natural beauty and is unspoilt by any human's. Mountains and hills are primary resources as many people go for walks up them to take in the beautiful scenery. They are also used for recreation especially skiing. Primary resources are mainly natural that have formed over time or have always been there. Primary resources also include historical and cultural heritage for example the pyramids in Egypt, these have been in Egypt for many years and attract thousands of visitors each year and provide a massive tourist industry in Egypt. Stone Henge is a cultural and historical monument in Britain as it has been there for many years. Secondary resources rely on primary resources (most of them). ...read more.


The Colorado River provides a water supply for many tourists. White water rafting can be very dangerous but it is done along this river and tourists can even have a go with many packages available at quite a cheap price. The hills in L.A. provide a spectacular view on the rest of the city. The Hollywood sign has been put up in the hills so everyone can see it when entering Hollywood. The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world it is situated near California in Arizona. It attracts many tourists but there is a Limit to how many tourists are allowed to visit the Grand Canyon each year. It is a spectacular landform and provides beautiful scenery. There are helicopter rides over it and some land right by the Colorado River. It isn't cheap to go and see the Grand Canyon most tourists fly over to the Grand Canyon in a little plane and land and travel by coach to different look out points. But some people drive there which takes a lot longer. It costs about 200 pound to fly there and get a helicopter ride over the canyon, which most tourists do. ...read more.


These primary resources need to be treated well by tourists as over years they could disappear for example Hermosa beach looses lots of sand by foot erosion over time there might not be a beach left for tourists or recreational use. People then will not depend on primary resources anymore. Tourists need to be aware that the natural environment out in this world is the basis for tourism and if tourists keep taking them for granted, they might disappear for example in Costa Del Sol, tourists demanded amenities to make their visit comfortable as more amenities were added they ruined the environment and made it more congested. The beautiful scenery, which was all ready there and was an attractive place for tourists, is now spoilt by the congestion that puts the tourists off. The tourists now look for other places to go. The tourists and the people who have built hotels and leisure amenities have ruined the primary resources basically by the secondary resources. Attempts to clean up the beach and sea have been successful as Spain now has the most 'Blue Flag' beaches in the EU. Restoring the primary resources shouldn't be a problem if the tourists are aware of their importance. There are some exceptions and one is theme parks. This relies on secondary resources only. ...read more.

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