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Find out if Dorking has the characteristics of a typical market town

Extracts from this document...


The aim of my coursework is to find out if Dorking has the characteristics of a typical market town. To find an answer to this I must use many different methods such as questionnaires, land use maps, shop transects, hypothesis and graphs. Things like this in my project will later on help me with my final conclusion. The following objectives are the main sections I want to include and complete in my project. 1. I want to complete my Goad map (shop transect), as this will tell me the shops that Dorking has to offer in the CBD. This could be a great help nearer to the end of the project when I have to come up with a conclusion. 2. I want to complete my land use map, as this will also with the final conclusion. The land use map, (when complete) will show me the whole of Dorking and the surrounding area. E.g. the land here is used for industry. 3. I want to complete a questionnaire for ten people, as that will help me in the final conclusion. The questionnaire will help because some of the public will know and give information about Dorking. 4. I want to complete a house transect which will show all the houses in Dorking and on the boarder. This will help me with the final conclusion. By looking at the houses I can tell if the houses are old or have been recently built. 5. I want to complete a series of hypothesis as this will show what my predictions where at the beginning and if they Wright at the end of the coursework. 1.The further away from Dorking you go, the higher the house prices. I thought this because houses on the outskirts of Dorking would be bigger with a lot more land compared to the houses in the centre of Dorking. The houses in Dorking would be a lot smaller as the CBD is packed into a small space of land 2. ...read more.


Also the majority of shops are near here. The market is also at the back of St Martins Walk. We did the questionnaire at 13:00pm because it was mid-afternoon and the majority of people who worked in Dorking would be on their lunch break. This meant we could get questionnaires filled in from workers as well as shoppers. To do the questionnaire we stood in St Martins Walk and asked people to fill in one of the questionnaires. Once they had filled it in we would put the questionnaire away so that it didn't get lost. We did a questionnaire because the public could help us with our investigation. Also the information gathered would be a great help towards our projects. When doing the questionnaire, we would wait every 4-5 minutes before we asked someone else. We did this so that we didn't question the same person twice. The following three questions are taken from the questionnaire. Where have you come from today? I asked this question because it would help me to draw up the sphere of influence of Dorking. Once all the questionnaires where collected in, I would gather the information and draw up the sphere of influence as well as a pie chart to show this. When's market day? I asked this question because it would help me conclude at the end of the project. This question was asked because if there were a market in Dorking, the majority of people would know about it. Will you come to Dorking again? I asked this question because it would help me conclude at the end of the project. This question was asked because if the person being questioned says yes and they live close, we know locals come here. If the person is from Guilford and says no, then we know they where there on a one off. Hypothesis The further away from Dorking you go, the higher the house prices. ...read more.


The main reason could be that the question was taking in the afternoon and lots of females where going shopping. Also when one has to go shopping, its usually the female that goes to the shops to do al the shopping. By looking at this graph we can also tell that there where not a lot of men being questioned. The main possible conclusion to this is that the men where at work. Age pie chart By looking at the age pie chart we can tell the majority of people questioned where around the age of 30 years old. The second most popular age is 20.The third most popular age is 40. From this information we can tell that there where a lot of young people in Dorking when the question was taking. The only conclusion to this is that the majority of people questioned where on lunch break and they still work in and around Dorking. Location pie chart By looking at the pie chart we can tell that the majority of people questioned, lived in the area of Dorking. From the information gathered we could say that Dorking is really only a town for local people, and this is why the majority of people questioned where actually from Dorking. Questionnaire By looking at the questionnaire we can tell the questions asked where good because the answers where just going to be what I needed to know to come to a final conclusion. The questions asked where good but could have hade more detail in them so that the answer was more specific. Some of the questions asked where ok such as the main two questions. * Is there a market in Dorking? * When is market day? These sort of questions would get a good positive answer. Also by looking at the questionnaires from the day, we can tell that people where willing to give some of there time to help us. ?? ?? ?? ?? Does Dorking have the characteristics of a typical market town? Louis Russell-Law ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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