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From my results, which I collected, you can see that Earsfield is a smaller area with limited amount of shops.

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Essay - 1- From my results, which I collected, you can see that Earsfield is a smaller area with limited amount of shops. Earsfiled mostly has more newsagents for grocery shopping, as 70% of the people who shops in Earsfiled shop for food as it is more and about 20% of the people who I surveyed shopped in Earsfiled for house hold items. This shows that Earsfiled is an area, which the public uses for convenience goods area. Earsfiled has limited amount of shops it has shops for furniture and hairdressers. On the other hand Tooting is a lot bigger then Earsfiled with shops for all types of conditions this is because Tooting is much bigger then Earsfiled. ...read more.


In Earsfield 0% chose Earsfield for purchasing cloths whilst 20% choose Tooting for their clothing this shows Earsfield doesn't have a Varity of shops as 70% only shop in Earsfield for food. Earsfield has more independent and general stores and a specialist shops like the hair dressers. The shops in Earsfield owned by independent people who own general stores and in Tooting shop are owned by bigger brands like J. D's The size of the centre affects the trade area this can affect the shoppers. Earsfiled has a small trade area as it only has one train station as only 8% choose train to travelling to Earsfield. Earsfield has few bus stops but still 28% people are travelling to Earsfield as only 26% travelling on busses to get to Tooting. ...read more.


The threshold population is the number of people needed before a service is either necessary The threshold population is higher in Tooting as it has better transport and larger residential population. More shops are placed there as they can provide the higher land prices. The threshold population is low in Earsfield compared to Tooting, Earsfield has a low order of shops as it mainly has convenience shops as 70% only go to Earsfield to food. Tooting is a high order centre as we carried out the field work we noticed that it is in competition with other high order centres. Earsfield isn't in competition with each other as Tooting is obviously aiming at a different type of audience. Earsfield is particle getting the attention of the people who are living in the area whilst tooting is aiming people of all ages. ...read more.

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