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Glendun river fieldwork report CCEA

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GEOGRAPHY FIELDWORK REPORT Aim The aim of my fieldwork is to study how a river's dynamics change downstream. Specifically I shall be looking at how particle size, discharge, cross sectional area, velocity, gradient and width change downstream. Planning To give a clear aim to my investigation I have decided to prove or disprove three hypotheses. These are based on the ideal river model and they are: * Downstream discharge will increase * Downstream particle size will decrease * Downstream the gradient of the river will decrease As a class we decided that the Glendun River was an appropriate river to study since its length facilitates for a noticeable change in results between its source and its mouth. The river is also only an hour's driving time from our school and the river has relatively easy access. ...read more.


We decided to use an orange since it is buoyant and brightly coloured and to use a 10 metre stretch of river since we are using it for other measurements and it is long enough to give reliable results. Also on the week before of our teachers went down to the river on a pre-site visit to check that all of our pre-determined sites were viable to use. She concluded that all our sites were practical to use in our investigation. Data Collection: Collected on Thursday 25th October The primary data used in this investigation is the results we took down on the fieldtrip. The secondary data sources we are going to use are the internet, our class notes and handouts, the David Wough AS level textbook and the Ordnance survey map. ...read more.


The cross sectional area was then worked out by multiplying the average depth by the average width. Velocity A ten metre stretch of the river was measured with the tape measure. An orange was dropped at the upstream end and a stopwatch was used to record the time taken for the orange to travel the ten metre stretch. This was repeated three times and an average taken. If the orange got stuck that particular attempt would be scrapped and then it would be carried out again. Gradient The gradient of the river was calculated with an abney level and a gauging pole. We used the same ten metre marking used when we measured velocity. We took three readings along the ten metre width and calculated the average gradient from them. Discharge The discharge of the river was worked out by multiplying the average velocity and the average cross sectional area found at each site to give the discharge. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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