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Global warming

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Global warming is a hot sensation for people on earth nowadays which represented by a huge inclining of air temperature. Based on the theory, carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels would heap up and capture excess heat, make the atmospheric temperature to rise. Some affects of global warming are the spread of disease carried by insects, reoccurrence of hurricane, economic problems, endangered species, and the melting of ice age. The further on paragraphs clarify the global warming process, evidences, and the conflicting feud on its impact on earth. The global temperature is slowly warming because of the greenhouse effect. ...read more.


There are numerous evidences on global warming. To begin with, a few hikers found dying seals on the beaches of Northern California in 1997 (James,1999). Analyzers deduced that these creatures died since the warming process drove the fish from the sea surfaces down to a range unapproachable by the seal juveniles (Dito, 2000). Another data showed that bewildered storks were caught on the middle of an anomaly weather pattern. Extensive drought and frost perplexed their migratory internal radar causing them to lose their sense of direction (Kevin, 2001). Furthermore, the study of the National Snow and Ice Data Centre mentioned that in June 1999, the small, inhabited South Pacific Islands of Tebua Tarawa and Abanuea disappeared under rising sea levels. ...read more.


Without global warming, the earth's temperature would fall up to 60 degree Fahrenheit. Based on the data above and a contrast statement, oppositions affirm that global warming is still unbelievable. To sum up, even though there is still unconvincing scientific evidences, I think we still need to look through global warming closer. We have to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by decreasing the use of fossil fuels or another energy. For instance, manufactures use an efficient processes and environment-friendly materials to produce goods. Using hybrid cars also can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. As we know, global warming is a critical case that needs to be solved because it affects everyone on earth. Hope it will not be too late to save our earth from decease. ...read more.

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