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Globalization. Does this process allow countries to improve their quality of life?

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´╗┐Globalization Globalization refers to the increase of cultural and economic relationships between countries. This process is inevitable and is becoming more and more common in world, over the past few years, as the population increase in developing countries is greater than in the developed countries. Therefore, developed countries will look for emerging countries to take advantage of their cheap labour and produce greater amount of products that will allow them to increase their powers. Globalization in the world is controlled by the WTO (World Trade Organization) since 1995. Does this process allow countries to improve their quality of life? ...read more.


Due to globalization, there is also an increase of competition between countries therefore an improved quality of goods in order to satisfy the customers and survive in the world's economy. This process has a number of positive gains, but there are also negative effects associated with it. First, it is one of the main problems we are facing in the world today, and can affect future generations. Even though the created jobs, unemployment rises in developed countries due to the majority of the products made in other countries. Generally, LEDC?s export high value goods, and import low value goods. ...read more.


We can see so in document 2. On the top of the tree, there are logos of the G8 major factories, flourishing. In the middle of the tree, there?s the letters WTO formed with the branches of the tree and at the very bottom, there is a map of the world, where the roots are planted. This shows that the WTO is helping the developed countries, the G8, to suck resources from markets all over the world. Globalization has dangers and risks but strictly controlled, it also brings positive effects that helped some countries becoming richer. Others did not manage to get on the road and this led to an inequality. Globalization can bring great benefits with a fair trade, a balance of trade and a balance of payments. ...read more.

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