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Holiday Report

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Resort Report I have chosen to compare two4 resorts on the Island of Kos for my application of number and will compare these on price and facilities to see which the best is but also the most value for money. I want to go to the island of Kos because the weather there is usually very warm and sunny which is perfect for a relaxing holiday. I am going to compare the prices for a family of five for a week's stay on the island and cross reference this information with the rainfall and temperatures for that time of year to try and find the best time to go as far as price and weather. I am also going to get the price of car hire on the island for the holiday because I want to be able to travel around the island to be able to see the whole island and enjoy all the activities that it has to offer no matter where it is on the island. I am going to take �700 spending money as this should be more than enough for my holiday. There are lots of historical sites on the island which I want to go and see. ...read more.


It is strategically located in the centre of the resort, right in front of the beach, and is supervised by a lifeguard. At Aquis Marine Resort & Water park main restaurant you can enjoy freshly made healthy dishes of Mediterranean and International cuisine and of course kids as well as vegetarian menus. There is a sushi bar and a bar serving cocktails and drinks until 12:00am. Prices for 2 adults 3 children to stay at the Aquis Marine Resort & Water Park The prices of the Aquis Marine Resort and Water Park vary from �1900 to �2600 roughly. The highest prices again coincide with the school term holidays and at peak season when the weather is at its best. Again as far as the price is concerned it is best to go in off peak time such as May but at the expense of the weather. The two Hotels The Aquis Marine Resort and Water Park is more expensive than the Sophia Beach Hotel and this is because there is a water park included in the accommodation which really increases the price a lot. Apart from the water park the two hotels have very similar amenities. I do not think the water park is worth spending the extra money on because both the children are of a young age and would be too young to use this facility so the Sophia Beach Hotel is a better choice for our family. ...read more.


The price of the family stay in the resort and flights is �1,387 for 1 week. (All flights are included in the price of the hotel through the travel agents) The total cost of the holiday is going to be � 1,582.28 including accommodation car hire and flights. My holiday in the Sofia Beach Resort will take place between the 2nd July and 8th July. I chose this resort because it is the cheaper of the two hotels and it has the best facilities for a family holiday. The beach is within walking distance and there are plenty of facilities close by to keep children and adults entertained. It is also closer to the airport than the other hotel so we will not lose holiday time travelling. I will take lots of clothes which are light weight as the temperature promises to be around 30�C. I will visit various towns around the island which are near my resort and use the car on the one day to travel further afield. I will take part in water sports and a bit of shopping and just general holiday sunbathing. The activities I will be taking part in will be within 6miles of the resort and the hotel offers bus rides to these resorts that's why a car is only needed for the one day. ...read more.

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