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How does environmental quality change with distance from the suburbs of Cardiff to the C.B.D.?

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Overall Conclusion How does environmental quality change with distance from the suburbs of Cardiff to the C.B.D.? The results have shown that environmental quality decreases from the suburbs of Cardiff to the C.B.D but also shows a very unsteady pattern which increases and decreases rapidly at certain parts of the transect walked. In the suburbs of Cardiff, Rhyd y Penau Road, the quality of and use is very good. As you come closer to the C.B.D. the quality of land use decreases rapidly. The suburbs of Cardiff are extremely attractive and hae pleasant surroundings. The houses need little repair, there is parkland nearby and there is no litter and vandalism. ...read more.


The suburbs are mostly residential development. In the inner city environmental is quite poor. It is still mainly a residential area but with houses of a poorer quality. These houses are small, cheaper houses which have very small gardens, which are not well cared for. There is some derelict land and the parkland is further away. These houses in the inner city are often rented to students who usually only occupy these houses for a year or two and are very poorly maintained. This type of property is usually of multiple occupancy, which generally leads to a higher amount of litter and waste. ...read more.


The buildings, which were originally built as housing, have been converted into clubs, pubs, restaurants, sandwich bars, offices and shops. Because of redevelopment of shopping arcades many roads have been pedestrianised so that more people can reach the shops easily in the C.B.D. There is a lower amount of litter and vandalism in the C.B.D. than in the inner city. This may be because the properties need to be kept in better condition to attract more trade, also as there are more eat-in fast food restaurants e.g. McDonalds and Burger King, people are less inclined to litter. The reason for less vandalism could be because of CCTV cameras. Laura McCarthy 11.1 GCSE 'Urban Geography' coursework. ...read more.

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