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How has the Merry Hill Shopping Centre affected different groups of people living in the surrounding area? Case study

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How has the Merry Hill Shopping Centre affected different groups of people living in the surrounding area? Shop Keeper or Market stall holder in Dudley: I think that the shop keeper in Dudley wouldn't be very happy about merry hill shopping centre because it would take all his costumers away and then soon after his shop will end up being moved to merry hill if its that important. I think it's the same for the market stall holder; they would end up shutting down because they would have no customers & they wouldn't be able to move to the shopping centre because there not an actual shop So therefore merry hill would have closed them forever. ...read more.


Teenagers living in suburbs of Dudley close to Merry Hill: I think that teenagers living close to merry hill will be very pleased because they have loads of things to do when there bored, like the cinema, MacDonald's and shopping. They will also be pleased because it's another place for them to 'hang out'. Disabled person: I also think a disabled person would be quite pleased because of all the facilities merry hill has to offer for example the ramps & lifts make it easier for them to shop like other people. ...read more.


Professional family living in suburbs of Dudley: I think that the family would be quite happy to know they are close to a large retail complex because everything a family like this would need is under one roof. But honestly I don't really think this would affect them massively. A family living in the Commuter Zone near Dudley: I think that the family living in the commuter zone will find it hard to get anywhere because of the traffic that merry hill is causing. ...read more.

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