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In this report I want to see how the increase of Tesco super stores has an effect on the local shopping centres, shopping habits and on the local environment.

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INTRODUCTION In this report I want to see how the increase of Tesco super stores has an effect on the local shopping centres, shopping habits and on the local environment. I want to see if the government's view on recommending that no more Tescos superstores are to be built is a good idea. I will have to write a report on the hypothesis that states Superstores are a good thing for the local area. As I collect my data and analysis for my reports and findings, I want to see whether I agree, disagree or agree within a limit with the statement To do this report I had to go to the Tesco supermarket near by Bulls Bridge. The Tescos is in Hayes off the parkway. The local shopping centre is 15 minutes away from the Tescos. The local shops are called the cranford parade, and the main road is called I am looking, to compare the difference between Tesco supermarket and local shops to see why more people shop at Tescos. I also want to find out where superstores are a good thing for the area and the local community and shop owners. To achieve my targets and aims I must collect substantial amount of data and evidence. I will the have to collect primary data and use secondary data. I will have the interview the Tesco manger, shopkeeper. ...read more.


tesco camanula (flower) cost �2.99. Tescos medium Ivory Coast pineapple coast 99p and medium del Monte gold cost �1.59. tescos pasteurised whole milk 6liltres, cost �1.10 and craven dale purfiltre fresh pasteurised also 6litres cost �1.29. Flora butter (1kg) cost �1.53, Wexford Irish mature cheddar Cheese cost �5.99, smoked middle bacon cost �1.80 a 1b, tesco cod liver oil cost 49p for 30 capsules, seven sea pure cod liver oil cost �4.25 for 45 capsules (50 % free). Tesco whole bread cost 59p for 9800g0 pick & mix cost�5.20 per kg. Obsession for men cost �23.50; ladies trouser socks (white rum) 3 pairs cost �4.99. duni paper plates cost �1.49 (25). Tesco's cling film 60mm costs �1.49. Antibacterial cling film cost 99p. tescos 40 watts bulbs cost �2.09, Philips 40 watts cost �2.89, tesco side plate cost �2.50. the green mile (video) cost �11.99. Hallmark "forever friend" card cost �1.75. Bic 5 ball pens (black) cost 99p and a passport photo cost �3.00 Cranford parade At Cranford parade the things that they're sold were roughly the same. The only differences are that, there is fewer produce and services. I have also compared a list of prices of some of the same products. (These prices are the lowest of the three newsagent and grocers) here is the list The guardian newspaper also cost 45p. There is no flower shop or any one selling flowers. ...read more.


Why do you shop at Tescos Prices Quality Friendly service Closer 7. What does Tescos have that your local supermarket does not. Cheaper prices More Produces Services Easier car parking 8. Overall do you think superstores like Tescos are a good thing? Yes No Questionnaire survey on local small shop centres 1. Do you regularly shop here? Yes No 2. If yes how often do you shop there? Every day Every 12 days Once a week Less often 3. How do you get there? Walk Car Bus Other 4. Why do you shop here? Convince Prices Close 5. Do you shop here more or less since Tesco opened? More often Less often 6. Would you say you spend more or less? Spend more Spend less About the same 7. Do you prefer Tesco or local small shop centres? Tesco Local small shop centres 8. Do you think superstore like tesco is a good thing? Yes No Traffic survey at Tescos 11.00am for two minutes 22 cars and a bus 12.00pm for two minutes 17 cars 1.00pm for two minutes 23 cars Traffic survey at local small shop centres 11.30pm for two minutes 5 cars 12.00pm for two minutes 7 cars 1.30pm for two minutes 4 cars Graphs 3 page of writing and secondary data Chapter 4 secondary data Analysis the graphs like in science What you found out about traffic What people think of super stores? Chapter 5 Background info on shopping What has the store done t the community? Advantage disadvantages Which group of people and why 4 pages Conclusion Hypothesis Why Evaluation 1 to 2 pages ...read more.

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