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Methodology for our research into the environmental quality of the 2 residential areas.

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Methodology Before our trip to Knutsford we planned to split into 7 groups of around 4 so that the data we collected could be calculated into a more accurate average value for us back in class to translate into graphs/charts. The fact that more people were visiting each location means that there was a average that could be calculated this means that the end result we had was closer to the true value of the data so our data would also be more accurate. The Longridge and Legh Road areas were split into 10 sites, these sites were selected so that a more widely spread area of Legh Road and Longridge can be investigated. If only 1 site from each area was investigated then the results would not be reliable because there is not a wide enough range of sites to properly investigate the environmental quality of the entire area. In our investigation on the environmental quality of the 2 residential areas we had to carry out each test equally and fairly for example for the ? ...read more.


These categories are rated on a scale of high(5) to very poor(-5) also included was Generally fine(+3) , Average (0) and Generally Poor (-3). If an area was covered in vandalism and graffiti, for the 'No graffiti' category we would cross the very poor box. To decide what score we would give each category we surveyed the area for as long as it took us to appropriately and in our own opinion fairly mark each category. ? Traffic Count- This is done by counting the vehicles that pass for 10 minutes and writing the results in a tally chart which included the categories pedestrian, car, bus, coach, lorry, van, tractors etc and other. This test tells us about the pollution of the area and also gives us a rough idea of the income that some of the residents might be earning. ? Pedestrian Count - For this test we count the pedestrians passing for 10 minutes on one count for example 3 pedestrians passed by, a low count is 1 and a high count is 5 this test can tell us what residents do not own vehicles to drive. ...read more.


For example in a wealthier area it is expected that more natural sounds would be heard such as birds or the wind blowing through high grown trees and in poorer areas it would be expected that more urban sounds are heard such as passing planes and cars. ? We also wrote down registration plates to determine how old some of the vehicles residents owned were, then we could calculate an average age for the cars in the area where the cars were counted so that the average cost of the car could be found out and so then the wealth of the residents could also be found. Also conducting this side test we could find out if the residents had the income to afford a private registration plate. We used this form of data collection because it is the quickest method we could think of whilst on the field to get some quality data that could easily be turned into comparable graphs. ...read more.

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