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Population Density and CBD

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Name an area of the UK which you have studied describe and explain why it has a high population density. Greater London, in the South East of England is very densely populated. The area is situated around central London and the River Thames. The main economic reasons that London is densely populated are: It is the most accessible part of the UK with train links to all over the UK and Paris, France. Six Major motorways start from London and lead out all over the country, this makes it more popular for people who are commuting to and from London everyday and tourists from all over. The largest and the UK's wealthiest markets are situated in London, as well as businesses and other firms. This is because London is the capital city of England and has all the major government buildings as well. London also has a large variety of work, compared to other remote or less populated parts of the country, London has many more job opportunities, low and high paid. This attracts people to Greater London for residential purposes. Other reasons are, that London has an absence of harsh climates, which makes it more popular to live, other places like Scotland are higher up and nearer to the colder parts. ...read more.


The access to healthcare in Burkina Faso is less than 50% this clearly indicates a problem in health with many people and the majority of the population not being able to have healthcare. This will keep the life expectancy low, compared to the UK which has 100% access to healthcare for everyone. With an average income of only $230 per person, Burkina faso is likely to have problems of poverty and lack of food and clean water. This means most families are likely to die young because no money will eventually be the cause of deaths, against the UK, with an average income of �18,000. These factors clearly show that Burkina faso has a very low life expectancy, many people are dieing as a result of these poor living standards. Whereas the UK has a high life expectancy because the overall quality of life is better. The Central Business District is small but very accessible. This means that everyone within a short, or far radius to the CBD, can easily access the area using roads or railways. The CBD of Swansea, South Wales, has 450 shops. A large amount of shoppers arrive each day because it is the regional centre for the whole of southwest Wales because it is home to large markets, department stores and special shops. ...read more.


Name an area of the UK which you have studied describe and explain why it has a low population density. The Scottish Highlands is the area of north and North West Scotland. The area is of high altitude in most areas and very mountainous. It covers the areas of Ullapool, Fort William, Loch Ness and Torridon. Because the area is in a remote area, it lacks any major market areas and places of interest. This means that less people are likely to come here to seek long term residence as there are no job opportunities. There are no motorways for several miles and communications to places of high altitude are poor. There is also a lack of good transport links as there is no airport or major railway station nearby. This means there are no commuters and hardly any tourists in the area as there is no way to travel around. Early settlers would have no settled here as farming is difficult in the rough terrain. This meant that there are no certain villages in the area. The area has a tundra like environment. It has very harsh cold winters and not very warm summers. The high land means it is cold all the time. This discourages tourists and people seeking a home. The higher the altitude the more rainfall there is. The Highlands experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Overall, the physical features of the land have made the area unpopular and hard to live on. ...read more.

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