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SnOasis Report. SnOasis say that their development will be Europes largest indoor ski slope,

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SnOasis Report Contents Title Page Page 1 Contents Page 2 1.1 Introduction Page 3 1.2 The Site Page 3 1.3 The Developers Page 3 1.4 SnOasis Page 3 1.5 Infrastructure Page 4 1.6 Infrastructure - Local Concerns Page 4 1.7 Environmental Issues Page 4 1.8 Environmental Issues - Local Concerns Page 5 1.9 Visual Impacts Page 5 2.0 Visual Impacts - Local Concerns Page 5 2.1 SnOasis and the UK Page 5 2.2 My Opinion Page 6 1.1 Introduction The site, previously used as a cement works and masons quarry, was purchased in 2001 by Onslow Suffolk Ltd from the Blue Circle cement group. Planning permission for a development known as SnOasis, an indoor winter sports resort, was applied for in 2004 by Onslow Suffolk Ltd. Local planning permission was granted by the local authorities on 21st April 2006, however, a public enquiry was announced on 26th July 2006 which upheld the decision. Government approval was finally granted on 6th November 2008 given that all the conditions were met. This report aims to revisit the decisions made to construct this leisure centre and understand the issues and impact factors faced by the local area. 1.2 The Site The site is situated in the village of Great Blakenham, Ipswich, Suffolk which is found off junction 52 off the A14. ...read more.


1.6 Infrastructure - Local Concerns * The locals are not confident that the minor 'B' road will not be able to cope with an estimated 850,000 visitors a year. * They say that the rail link will only serve 8% of visitors and feel that it will be an unnecessary scar on the local countryside. * The Ski Dubai slope which is half the size of SnOasis and has over 1 million visitors a year compared to SnOasis which project having a mere 850,000. The locals fear that these figures have been given misleadingly so to lower the councils concern. * They are also worried about the carbon emissions given by the cars and the site itself. * It has been estimated that over 34,000 tons of Co2 will be created. 1.7 Environmental Issues Currently, the site is a nature enriched area and has been given a conservation status by Natural England who are the governments body for conservation areas. The site has some very rare species including a pond bat, Great Crested Newts and over 17 sets of badgers. The developers will endeavour to relocate the directly affected wildlife to a 50 acre ecological migration area. In addition, over 130,000 trees are to be planted within the site, this will have environmental benefits as it will reduce SnOasis carbon footprint. ...read more.


It will be a significant boost to the local and East Anglian economy. In addition, there will be support industries as a direct result of this development again a benefit to the locals. It provides private investment opportunities. The centre will be used to benefit young people in winter sports and could provide a suitable site for such an event. The transport link will also provide a valuable service not only to the site but give the region further housing development opportunities. East Anglian tourism will benefit from the new visitors to the area as they will not just be confined to the SnOasis village. The location is ideal for UK and overseas visitors. The financial benefits are immense. It will also reduce people's carbon footprint as they may wish to visit this site rather than traveling abroad. 2.2 My Opinion I feel that SnOasis will be a great addition to the UK's tourist industry as it offers the 'world's first' indoor skiing village. The developers seem to have taken all concerns into consideration whilst planning the site. I like the fact that the village is self-contained and has many other facilities on offer. In this economic crisis, we need major investment to kick start local economies and I feel that SnOasis would be a good example. Although there are local concerns, I feel that the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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