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So what is it like to live in Hungary?

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So what is it like to live in Hungary? Hungary is located in Central Europe and it is one of the few landlocked countries. Hungary is a fairly small country; it covers an area of 35,934 square miles, and is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, the Alps, and the Dinaric Alps. The Danube River divides Hungary and bisects the capital, Budapest into Buda, and Pest. The culture of Hungary is very rich and varied; it has great folk traditions producing embroideries, pottery, decorated buildings, and carvings. The religion in Hungary is Christianity, and the majority (70%) are Roman Catholic. Special traditions include believing that Santa (St. ...read more.


The characteristics of Hungarian music, as well as other aspects of the culture are influenced by the Hungarian language which derived from Finno-Ugric. For example the language, which is invariably stressed on the first syllable, lends a strongly accented dactylic rhythm to the music. Hungary's music is characteristic of accelerating rhythms and unique folk instruments: the Cimbalom (the picture: a bit like a harpsichord) and the Duda (a kind of flute). Gypsy music is very famous in the Hungarian entertainment industry, distinctive for huge orchestras of violins e.g. the Sz�z Tagu Zenekar - but they aren't all gypsies. Hungary is well known for its water sports, e.g. ...read more.


The most famous authors were J�kai M�r and Miksz�th K�lm�n, while the most famous poets were Pet�fi S�ndor (writer of Talpra Magyar-a strong symbol of freedom) and Jozsef Atila. Hungarian cuisine includes many pork and beef dishes, particularly goulash: a beef soup (gulya means a herd of cows) or a stew known in Hungarian as p�rk�lt. Dishes are often flavoured with paprika-very hot peppers, and hot onions. Hungary also produces wine, including the distinctive Tokaji from Tokaj which is often reffered to as the Wine Of The Kings: And The King Of The Wines. Also when in Hungary, one should most definitely not forget to visit the elaborate cake and sweet shops, which serve some of the Country's finest cakes such as Gundel Palacinta (a flaming pancake!). ...read more.

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