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The advantages and disadvantages of encouraging more migrants into the United Kingdom

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The advantages and disadvantages of encouraging more migrants into the United Kingdom There are many negative points about migrants coming into our country, but there are just as many positive points. But how many migrants are too much, and how can we say stop to migrants when they are the foundation of today's society? Different groups around the world have been migrating into England since the early Iron Age. The first settlers to arrive in England were during the expansion of the Proto-Celtic movement, in about 500 BC. Then between 300 and 500 AD, the great migration movement started; England was bombarded with new settlers from all around Europe. There were the Angles and Saxons from modern Germany: the estimated total number of Germanic settlers varies between 10,000-200,000. There were also many Scandinavians tribes migrated into England between the late 8th century into the early 11th century, like the Vikings and the Varangians. As you can see migrants are the foundation of today's society, all of our ancestors were originally from somewhere else. So why is it a problem for migrants to be coming into our country in this century? The problem is that England being a small country can't physical cope with the demand for more living space. ...read more.


Asylum seekers are not allowed to work until they have been granted a place to stay in England as a Refugee. This has caused elevated rises in many asylum seekers not working, 3 out 10 are not working. As the rise migrants workers come into the country, there are fewer places for British born people to find work. Most public service jobs have been taking by the migrants and most health services have hired workers from other countries. "The hotels and shops in my remote Scottish community are filled with workers from the EU, now there are no jobs for the local young people, so most of them on into close towns or cities." Geva Blanette BBC news talk night Another factor which is a disadvantage of migrants is the increase of malaria, HIV and TB. Many British born children are immune from malaria, HIV and TB, and England didn't fear these 3 killing diseases as much as other countries. But as the amount of migrants and asylum seekers increase, the amount of cases of these disease increases. Facts show that, 70% of individuals diagnosed with HIV, TB and malaria in England, Wales and Northern Ireland were non-UK born. ...read more.


There has been much discussion in the media on the idea that migrants may have a big effect on employment and befits for British-born workers, but there is little evidence little on effect employment or befits. "The overwhelming majority of empirical studies agree that there is essentially no statistically significant effect of immigration on labour market outcomes" Glover The population rose by 189,000, due to the high number of migrants and also people leaving the country. This steady increase over the last decade has shown that the UK can't cope with the massive growth. But the government figures show that migration has given the UK a life line to an economy suffering from lack of skills and struggling to support growing bills. I personally feel that we should allow people from different countries and races to work in The UK; I feel that the UK can befit greatly by the mixed culture and races. The need for migrant workers is shown by many facts and I believe that they can make a huge difference for our economy. But I also feel that the government should be doing more to stop un-wanted people coming into our country who are not prepared to work. The government should have stricter laws and rules on who should be allowed into the UK. ...read more.

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