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The physical attractions of Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

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Old Harry rocks The Old Harry Rocks are two chalk stacks located at Handfast Point on the Dorset coast in England, directly east of Studland, about 4 km NE of Swanage, and about 10 km south of the large towns of Poole and Bournemouth. The rocks are part of the Jurassic coast World heritage site of which they form the eastern end. They can be seen from the Dorset coast past, the Dorset section of South west coast path. The cliff is chalk, with some bands of Flint, which have been gradually reduced over the centuries, some of the earlier stacks having fallen (Old Harry's original wife fell in 1896), while new ones have been formed by the breaching of narrow isthmuses. Durdle Door Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England. It is privately owned by the Welds, a wealthy landowning family who own 12,000 acres of Dorset in the form of the Lulworth Estate. At Durdle Bay all except a short stretch of the limestone has been completely eroded away by the sea and the remainder forms a small headland where it has protected the clay behind. ...read more.


The beach extends north, part way across the mouth of Poole Harbour. Swanage Swanage is a small coastal town in the south east of Dorset, England. It is situated at the eastern end of the Isle of Purbeck, approximately 10 km south of Poole and 40 km east of Dorchester. The town has a population of 10,124 (2001). Nearby are Ballard Down, Old Harry Rocks, with Studland Bay and Poole Harbour to the north and with Durlston Bay and Durlston Country Park to the south. The town, originally a small port and fishing village flourished in the Victorian era, when it first became a significant quarrying port and later a seaside resort for the rich of the day. Today the town remains a popular tourist resort, this being the town's primary industry, with many thousands of visitors coming to the town during the peak summer season, drawn by the bay's sandy beaches and other attractions. During the peak summer season many people are drawn by the town's beautiful setting, the beach and other attractions. The town has a large number of hotels and guest rooms though the number (particularly of hotels) has reduced slightly in recent years. ...read more.


Since then the area has drawn Geology students from all over the world. Purbeck suffers from trampling because of its many visitors and erosion from the sea. Management has been put in place to stop the coastline from being ruined, such as wooden steps and fences. These will keep people to a certain path and steps will reinforce the ground. In 2001 the coast was granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. Experts at UNESCO have been working on preserving the shape of Lulworth Cove. Lulworth was one of a number of gateway villages on the coast with a Heritage Centre-part visitor centre, tourist information and natural history museum-which in 2002 received 418,595 visitors. Most of the area is privately owned by the Lulworth Estate, an estate held by the wealthy landowning family; The Welds. Land to the east is owned by the Ministry of Defence and used for tank training, only open on weekends and holidays. The coast and land to the north and around the village is owned and managed by the Lulworth Estate (see Lulworth Castle). Each year, over 250,000 people walk across the hill linking the cove to Durdle Door. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Munira Hersi 10WA ...read more.

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