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Threatened Environments In the UK - How tourism has affected White moss Common and Grasmere in the Lake district National Park

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Threatened Environments In the UK How tourism has affected White moss Common and Grasmere in the Lake district National Park By Emily Hammond Contents Chapter 1..............................page Introduction Chapter 2..........................page Methodology Chapter 3.......................page Data Presentation Chapter 4..................page Chapter 5.............page Chapter 1 Introduction The aim of my coursework is to find out how tourism has affected White Moss Common and Grasmere, honey pot sites in the Lake District National Park. We went on a field trip to White Moss Common and Grasmere to record the impact of tourism. The locations that have been chosen for me to investigate, are both very different; White Moss Common is a grassy woodland area which is very pretty which tourists are attracted to, and Grasmere is a small town very built up for tourism with shops, cafes, info-offices etc. They have been chosen because they are both popular honey pot sites where many tourists visit every year. They also contrast so I can use them to compare with one and another. These sites play a large role in the tourist industry, as the honey pot sites are the main reason why singles, couples and families from a wide sphere of influence, visit the Lake District. ...read more.


2 pics of white moss common and gramere( explain every detail of the picture and what is in it that attracts tourist) Objectives I have taken the aim of the investigation and broken it down into some separate objectives that will make my investigation more manageable. I am going to separately investigate the impact of touism that has affected... - The environmental issues of the area - The landscape of the area - The social factors of the community - The economy factors of the area Objective Data to be collected The Environment Traffic counts along main roads. State if they are congested. How much wildlife? state of grass by roads?. Any noise, litter, air pollution being excessively made? The Landscape What has tourism done? Record any newly built houses. Approximately measure areas of greenery/parks. Find main features affected by tourists i.e. path erosion. Look at car parks and their locations, car park count. Social life of community Question tourists and locals about the atmosphere. What are the age range of visitors and residents? House values? Use of public services? ...read more.


Did a landscape quality survey of the view of White Moss Common and an environmental quality survey in Grasmere; I also examined the condition of buildings in Grasmere I also used my initiative to collect extra data and looked at where tourism affects others places in the UK. The place where I recorded my extra data was in Trearddur Bay, in Anglesey, north Wales, A small seaside village, an extremely popular place for second homes, and very tourist based village. I asked questioned tourists, shop owners and staff, and locals. I did a land use survey on the amount of second homes compared to residential homes, I also recorded the land uses for the shops; to show whether they were for necessities or tourist based shops. I have been visiting Trearddur Bay 3 times a year, every year since I was a baby. I am a tourist myself, but as I know the area very well I have a lot of memories of how the village looked years ago and will able to explain on how the impact of tourism has changed the village in many ways. Chapter 3 Data presentation The data I have collected in this investigation includes: - -Questionnaires -Footpath erosion diagram -Landscape quality surveys -Environmental quality surveys -Land use maps -Shop counts 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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