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To discover land uses in various parts of Southampton and to compare these with Dorchester describing any changes that have occurred or are occurring.

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Contents Aim and Introduction Page 2 Land Use Models Page 3 Methodology Page 6 Pedestrian Counts Page 8 Growth and Decline score sheets Page 19 Transect Maps Page 23 Annotated Photographs Page 31 Data Analysis Page 36 Conclusion Page 40 Evaluation Page 41 Filed sketches Page 42 Aim and Introduction: To discover land uses in various parts of Southampton and to compare these with Dorchester describing any changes that have occurred or are occurring. In Southampton we want to know: * What are the different areas of Southampton like? * How do they differ? * Is it like this in Dorchester? * Are changes happening? * Has it always been this way? Background information: Southampton is a major regional centre on the south coast of the UK; it has a wide range of services. Many people visit Southampton because of its shopping attractions such as West Quay Shopping Centre. Southampton's population is 217 445, it is sited around the confluence of the river Test and Itchen. The city itself is located off the M27 in Hampshire and is the South of England's main dock area for importing and exporting goods. The road and rail network in and around Southampton also allow for easy commuting to other major cities, including the capital, London (known as a commuter belt). Dorchester is a market town in Southern Central Dorset, England, situated on the river Frome and A35 road, 20 miles West of Poole and 5 miles North of Weymouth. The town had a population 16, 171 and a catchment population of approximately 40,000 with 7,389 dwellings in 2001, but with the new, and developing Poundbury Village, these figures are likely to increase. The Poundbury Village is an example of a development on a 'Green Field' site. In Dorchester in 2001 there were 205 shops around the town. Dorchester has been the county town of Dorset since 1305. ...read more.


this is because more people visit and live in Southampton which makes it prone to more vandalism, graffiti and litter. Transect Maps Transect maps: The transect maps taken is not all the city but is just examples of the CBD in Southampton and that there are more shops in the city centre than recorded. On Maud road there are only convenience stores as compared to somewhere like Millbrook where they have an equal split. This is why more people come to cities to shop rather than a town. Key: Convenience store. Comparison store. To let or boarded up. Millbrook shopping parade Auto Centre American Golf Discount Auto Trader The Pop In Caf´┐Ż Pizza Longs Grill Tatzz Snow Togs Ladbrokes Financial Service Taste of Amsterdam Hidden Assets Millbrook Chippy One Stop Next Communications Cycles From the transect maps above it suggests that in Millbrook there is a mixture between comparison and convenience store totalling in 8 convenience stores and 8 comparison stores. This gives the residents of Millbrook shops of high and low order goods. On top many of the shops in Millbrook are flats used for housing and there are also offices used for work. Southampton Transect sheet 1 Pound Tree Road Regent Street Blacks Virgin Megastore Water Stones Bon Marche Past Times Nationwide Bank To let Pickets and Pursers Gamestations Chelsea Building Society Opticians Select Priceless Lloyds TSB Wyatt Burger King Scholl Russell and Bromley Repertoire Eurochange Que Pasa Ogle Road Opticians Anne Harvey Tangent Marlamds Entrance Starbucks Coffee Early Learning Ourprice Venture Saks Anne Summers Spar Prudential Travel Gregg's Hogs Head Bella Pasta Oswald Jingly Yates Closed To Let Free Spirit Palmerstone Parks New Road Southampton Transect Sheet 2 Littlewoods Alliance & Leicester Sports Shops Thomas Cook Dolcis Boots County Book Shops Top Shop Clintons Levi Hanover Buildings KJC Thompson Primark Vodafone WH Smiths Clarks Carphone Warehouse BHS Superdrug Robert Dyas HMV Woolworths Foot Locker JD Sports West Quay Leslie Davis Birthdays River Island Abbey National Phones 4 U Eisenagger Halifax Southampton ...read more.


There are many results that support my hypothesis, pedestrian counts to see if the CBD was busier than the South Street in Dorchester. There no results that reject the main hypothesis. My conclusion may not be similar to other given examples as this is a single town and a city being compared and may or may not reflect the other towns and the other cities. To increase the accuracy of my results I need to have more than one person helping me collect my results. E.g. having one person the centre of the CBD and one other person recording the same data in the Town centre at the same day and the same time this definitely would increase the accuracy of the results. Overall the results I collected were valid enough to give me strong conclusions from my hypothesis. This study has helped my understanding of urban geography and how the urbanisation differs from town to city as before I thought they would be really similar and from this investigation I have found that they are very different in many ways but still similar in some ways. To extend this investigation to make it something that could be used at university or the local council I would compare two different towns and two different cities to get a wider more accurate range of results. I would then compare the two towns to see how they differ and if they are similar. I would also compare the two cities to see the similarities and differences this would give me two investigations in one: Comparisons of the two cities, comparison of the two towns and the comparison between towns and cities. To make the results as accuray as possible I would use some kind of CCTV camera for the pedestrian count as during my investigation it was hard to count all the number of people in the CBD and therefore resulted in some kind of human error as we are not perfect which means that my results cannot be perfect and 100% accurate. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Geography Coursework Lloyd Walton Page 4 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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