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"What are the characteristics of Garstang's functional zones?"

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GCSE Geography Coursework Investigation: "What are the characteristics of Garstang's functional zones?" Ntami Egbe Rossall School 46211 Estimated word count: 3,000 words Contents Page Page 4: Introduction Page 5: Questions to be answered Page 6: Question 1:- What are the distinctive characteristics of Garstang's functional zones? Page 9: Question 2:- What are the main land uses of Garstang's CBD Core? Page 11: Question 3:- What are the main land uses of Garstang's CBD Frame? Page 13: Question 4:- In what ways do the land uses of Garstang's CBD Core and CBD Frame differ, and how can these differences be explained? Page 15: Question 5:- Does Garstang's pattern of functional zones relate to any of the traditional urban land use models? Page 17: Question 6:- What is the pattern of EQA scores across the town, and how does the pattern relate to the different functional zones found? Page 19: Question 7:- What is the town's pattern of Pedestrian Flow Measurements and of Traffic Flow Measurements, and how can the two patterns be related? Page 21: Question 8:- What are the main characteristics of the Green Lane West Industrial Estate, and why is it located where it is? Page 23: Question 9:- What are the factors that have defined the outer boundaries of Garstang's growth as a settlement? Page 24: Question 10:- How has the town been protected from flooding by the river Wyre? Page 26: Limitations Page 26: Improvements Page 26: Overall Summary Page 27: Bibliography Page 28: Figure List Introduction In the project I have been assigned I will be studying the town of Garstang, and trying to discover "what are the characteristics of Garstang's functional zones." Garstang is situated between Lancaster and Preston and is thought to have originated as a settlement about 1,400 years ago. We can see the location on the map in more detail in Figure 1. At the time of the last population census (1991), the town's population was 3,944. ...read more.


It shows the highest and lowest pedestrians recordings in the town of Garstang, this obviously means we can clearly see where most people are in the town. The identification of the services in the CBD Core and Frame helped us to create a tally chart of the services provided in Garstang's CBD Core (Figure 9) and CBD Frame (Figure 10). Conclusion: The main differences between the Core and the Frame are the price of land in these areas. The Frame has lower land values than the Core, so the types of businesses you find in them will differ. The Core has a higher percentage of hobbies / arts / specialist shops than the Frame. The Frame on the other hand has a higher percentage of public amenities. More high-income services are found in the Core, because unlike the Frame more money needs to be generated if a business wants to stay situated in the CBD Core This is all due to the land price differences in the two zones. The Bid Rent Cone clearly explains what is going on (Figure 13). It tells us that the further away a business is located from the CBD Core the less it pays on land rent. So the reason why there are more high-income services like clothes and retail, health hair and beauty, food services etc. is because of the difference between land prices in the CBD Core and CBD Frame. Q5) Does Garstang's pattern of functional zones relate to any of the traditional urban land use models? Data Collection: The main way we collected our data to discover the characteristics was by giving each site (Figure 2) an Environmental Quality Assessment score(EQA score), and creating an EQA table (Figure 3). We also went round the CBD Frame (Figure 4) and CBD Core (Figure 5) and named all the different services provided in the Core and Frame. ...read more.


Beyond that we can see from Figure 18 that there are extensive embankments, which protect the overlying farmland. We can also see from Figure 18 that properties are being built right up against the embankments because of the lack of space in the area. Limitations: The main limitation I experienced with this project was the weather. The very heavy rainfall altered the readings in the Pedestrian Flow Measurements, because of the heavy rainfall more people would travel in their cars rather than by foot, so we saw a decrease in pedestrian activity and an increase in traffic activity. Due to the heavy rainfall, when trying to record results the rain would smudge the pen ink or would damage the paper entirely, which would make data recording impossible. Due to the bad weather we experienced it was very difficult to go about our task of identifying the different services within the CBD Core and CBD Frame, because a large number of the shops and services had shut for the day early. Improvements The main way I thought we could have improved my project was if we had had a full day to collect the data. If we had more time to collect data a lot of the errors experienced would have not occurred. The major improvement I thought that would have helped was if we could have gone back to Garstang on another day and retried the experiment. We wasted a lot of class time going over the data we had collected and finding out who had lost what due to the weather. Overall Summary To sum up the project I believe Garstang is a diverse , modern and affluent town. Its growth has been hampered due to frequent flooding, but it still manages to have a population of over 4,000. it has many different functional zones, which have all been utilised with maximum efficiency to create a diverse and interesting town, while making use of the little space available to it. ...read more.

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