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What factors influence people who shop at Edgware the broad walk and Burnt Oak shopping areas?

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INTRODUCTION What factors influence people who shop at Edgware the broad walk and Burnt Oak shopping areas? Settlements and shopping centers can be placed in order of importance in a highway. The most important will be placed at the top of the hierarchy the least important at the bottom. My Aims are: 1. To find out which shopping center has the greatest variety and number of shops and services. 2. To determine the quality of the shopping centers 3. To discover how large the catchments areas are of both shopping centers 4. To find out the proportion of convenience good shops to comparison good shops in the shopping centers 5. To determine as to whether pedestrian flow varies within each shopping canter My three hypotheses are: 1.High order shops (Edgware the broad walk) has both a greater variety of shops and services and a larger number of shops and services than Low order shops (Burnt Oak) The reason for my first hypotheses is that I am predicting that the bigger the shopping center (high order shopping areas) the more customers, high order shops have more better options like better shops and services than low order shops so more people will shop there also there will be a better transportation system so more people can get there easily. 2.People will only travel short distances for low order shopping centers and low order goods. The reason of my hypotheses prediction 2 is people who obviously live close by to a shopping center or shopping area will be doing low order shopping because that will be their main local place to shop so that will be there closest area to consume products and goods example milk, ...read more.


People are prepared to travel long distances to buy these goods. Examples include furniture, jewellery, and clothes. Shopper services provide services rather then a good. Sometimes services are free but usually a person pays for the service they require. Examples include theatres, estate agents, solicitors and restaurants. 5.Shopping hierarchies Shopping areas vary in their size and the range of goods they offer. They can be organized into a Hierarchy. At the base of the hierarchy are shopping areas, which sell low order or convenience goods, which may be needed every day. At the top of the hierarchy are areas selling high order comparison goods, which are not needed very often. Shopping center grades Grade 1 A department store and at least seven shops of the following types: large chain stores, clothes shops, furniture shops, banks Grade 2 No department store. At least three of the types of shops listed in grade 1. Grade 3 Over 20 shops Grade 4 Between 10 and 20 shops Grade 5 Less than 10 shops High order goods Large Low order goods Small 6.Sphere of influence Shops and services in an area will attract people from the surrounding area. People will travel longer distances to purchase high order goods or use specialist services because such journeys are not going to be made very frequently. They will want to have a wide choice of shops or services so that they can make comparisons in order to get the best deal possible. Therefore shopping areas with a wide variety of shop, many of which are high order shops, will have a large sphere of influence. ...read more.


Where I did my surveys why? I carried out my survey's on the main shopping center alongside burnt oak shopping center which was my low order center because I found out more people shop in that area of burnt oak it was also the same for edgware more people shopped inside broad walk so that where I asked my questions but I also asked pedestrians outside to get different results What I did to make my questionnaire as unbiased as possible? Shopping center name high/low: Name 1.Are you male or female? Male Female 2.How old are you? 0-15 16-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56+ 3.Where do u live? Burnt oak Edgware Colindale Hendon Mill hill 4.How often do you come here? 1-3 times a week 4-7 times a week Twice a month Once a month Twice a year Everyday Hardly 5.What transport did u use to get here? Walk Bike Bus Train Car 6.Do you like the atmosphere here? Yes No 7.What type of shops would you like to see more of? Electrical shops Game shops Food shops Sport shops Shoe shops Clothes shops 8.What are you buying here Electrical appliances Food Sport goods Shoes Clothes shops Games consoles Toys Why I asked each question? Each question is helpful for me to prove my hypotheses because each question tells me about the habits of other people shopping in that area what type of goods they buy why they buy them how will it help them this will help me with my hypotheses number 1. Each question I asked would give me vital information about each shopping center about its shops what people think about the shops the environment about the area and shops thanks to my environmental planned survey. ...read more.

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