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Why Kingston Upon Thames has any of the characteristics a standard CBD

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Aim This geography investigation is based on Kingston Upon Thames in London. The purpose of this study is to acquire knowledge and understanding to evaluate if and why Kingston Upon Thames has any of the characteristics a standard CBD would possess. The overall aim is to answer the question does Kingston Upon Thames have the typical characteristics of a Central Business District. Introduction Background Information about Kingston Upon Thames Kingston was built on the first cross-point up stream from London Bridge on the River Thames, making it a bridging and nodal point. This helped it expand into the city it is today. Central Kingston is an active retail area. It has a many car parks, connected together with a complicated one-way system. There is a large range of shopping facilities, with a great variety from small newsagents to huge national chains. Additionally there is a well-built shopping mall, The Bentalls Centre connects Kingston Upon Thames with large chain stores found on British high streets as well as a department store, John Lewis that has a supermarket, Waitrose in the basement. Recently an old bus station was developed into the Rotunda. This includes a bowling alley in the basement, fitness centre, a 14-screen Odeon cinema and a few restaurants on the top floor. ...read more.


This encourages vertical development as the price of land is incredibly high as there is not much space in the centre of the city. This area contains large department stores and specialist shops. This causes the core to have a large amount of pedestrians during the daytime when shops are open. The outer core and frame has a slightly lower land value. This refers to the bid-rent theory as the closer you get to the centre of the CBD the higher the value of land. Many businessmen compete for land as close to the CBD as possible hence raising the price of land. This is because of its easy accessibility and high volumes of pedestrians and traffic; this makes it easier for businesses to thrive. If Kingston Upon Thames is a typical CBD its town should have the same plan as the diagram on the next page. Another model that helped me make predictions for my hypotheses is an Urban Land Use Model called The Burgess Model. This diagram shows the theoretical land uses of the areas in a city located in a developing country. The CBD is usually the oldest and most accessible part of the city, this is because companies and business usually start to expand and spread out as the city gets richer meaning that the newest parts of the city will be around the edge of the model. ...read more.


Similarly high number of pedestrians especially at point 6 on the map As there is a lack of space, streets are narrow and many converge when they enter the CBD, also car ownership has increased greatly in the recent years and the current street network is not designed to cope with the huge number of vehicles using it. This means that many CBDs suffer gridlock during rush hour. Many people come to the CBD in order to work and shop as many large offices and shopping centers are situated here. This is because of the high accessibility helping the businesses succeed. These points are toward the centre of the CBD, known as the core. The diagram of the core and frame of a CBD is shown on Page 3. 4) i) The sphere of influence will be more than 10km ii) The majority of people will be coming to Kingston Upon Thames to buy clothes There are a wide variety of shopping facilities available in Kingston Upon Thames. Also it is highly accessible because there are large amounts of public services and transport offered there. Additionally there is a huge amount of parking space; this encourages more people to go to Kingston Upon Thames. Many people will come to Kingston to shop because of the huge mulity story shopping mall, Bentalls Centre as well as the pedestrianised road, full with shops, Clarence Street. ...read more.

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