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Wildboarclough Field Trip

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Introduction The field trip was held on the Friday the 14th of September 2001. We arrived at the destination, which was Wildboarclough at roughly 10am. We left Wildboarclough at roughly 2pm, arriving back at school at 3pm. Wildboarclough is just on the boarders of the peak district and is protected by the law for its natural beauty. The start point is the Cat and Fiddle pub, which is the second highest pub in England, about 505m above sea level. The finish point is the Clough House Farm from which is 300m above sea level. On the way down we noticed that the changes of the landscape and its environment where innaculate. From the top the land is peat moorland with very little different types of vegetation as we continued down the path we noticed that we where gradually going into a typical river valley. The land use varied as the attitude lowered. At the start there was very little human developments. As we carried on down we noticed that the first trees at 390m above sea level, this is called the tree line this is because the trees have trouble surveying at higher altitudes. There where more human developments like the cottage and farmland as we went on. At the bottom we had the typical river valley with is levees and flood plain. We walked down a set path from an altitude of 505m to 300m above sea level. The overall distance that we walk was 2800 metres long. ...read more.


The only trouble with this data is that it's based on an individual observation and that people have different views. Sub-hypothesis: Environment quality Decreases Down the slope. Description of results. All the environment quality results are marked out of 50. The highest score was 43 out of 50 which was site four (440 above sea level). This site received maximum marks in the following categories: freedom from noise, Attractiveness of vegetation, tourist amenities, attractiveness river and also attractiveness of landscape. The lowest score was site one (510m above sea level) with 27 out of 50. It only received the maximum marks in 1 of categories, which was wildlife. This site mainly received two's and three's with the odd fours. The range of the results was 16 marks, which is a lot. The average total mark was 37.4. Sites one and two scored below this average with all the other sites receiving more than the average. There was a pattern that we noticed in the results. The total score started of lowish and than rapidly increased. The score peaked off at site four than just drops off slightly after site four. There are no major anomalies in the results but there's one tiny anomalies this is at site six where the score just dropped off slightly. Explanation Of Results The highest score on the results was site four 43 out of 50. ...read more.


The following sites three, four, seven and eight score below the average. The graph was a poor negative correspondent. Explanation Of Results. Site eight scored the highest pH level because the land is a flood plain, this means that the river could deposit acidic chemicals from upstream. Also the land is permanent pasture used by a farmer who farms this land all year round and probable uses fertiliser to help the vegetation growth. Site six scored the same as site eight, this could be accounted for due to the close woodlands, as trees excrete acidic by-products of photosynthesis. Site seven had the lowest pH level because the land is improved pasture used by the farmer who farms this land in the year. The farmer probable improved the land by draining in some way or other. This could of help the soil to excrete the acidic chemicals which was deposited by the rain. Site one scored the highest moisture content because the land is peat moorland, which is poorly decomposed peat vegetation and infertile soils of little use for agriculture. Site eight scored the lowest moisture content. This is because the land is permanent pasture which is agriculture land used for grazing of animals which been improved by the farmer to such an extent that it could be used all year round. Conclusion The Sub-hypothesis was false that the soil pH is related to moisture content. Sub-Hypothesis: Land use changes with altitude. Explanation Of Results. Explanation Of Results. 12 1 ...read more.

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