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Analysis of charity adverts.

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John Mason Media Studies: Analysis of charity adverts For this task we had to look at a range of adverts from a well known charity, Barnardo's. We had to look at their range of adverts for our case study and discuss why it was chosen and if it is successful, to find this out we looked at visual images, text and the strategies used. Barnardo's stopped running homes for orphans over 30 years ago, but still their work today is based on the same set of values that Barnardo's was founded on in 1866. Since then the services they provide have changed and they will continue to do so, but their main aim is to help children and young people in the greatest need, and that has stayed the same. What concerns them the most is children today and their future. Barnardo's works with the most vulnerable children and young people, helping them transform their lives and fulfil their potential. Bernardo's are the UK's largest children's charity, supporting 100,000 children and their families through more than 300 projects in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They also believe that the lives of all children should be free from poverty, abuse and discrimination. When people think of Barnardos they think of orphanages and Dr. ...read more.


The use of the child is also powerful and grabs your attention and you wonder what must have happened to drive this child to suicide? And that I think is the purpose of him, to grab attention of the audience so they read more about Barnardos, it makes it a hard hitting advertisement. The camera angle used in this advert is a long shot that is a high angled shot, and, so we are looking down on the child. This type of shot is used to create a feeling of power to the audience. Now in the advert I believe the camera angle is used so the audience feel in power to help stop this incident by helping Barnardo's, but it could also have been used to show that the child is small and helpless and innocent- the child's vulnerability . I think that a long shot has been used so that the audience can see the child and his surroundings so they can get a sense of what's happening. The colours of the child's clothing also have some connotations with them: Yellow (Child's T-Shirt) can be seen as delicate, brightness, flowers- a sense of innocence, white (Child's shorts) can represent innocence, purity and fragile blackness (The dark background colours) ...read more.


I personally found this advert quite disturbing seeing a child of 10 about to kill himself, but as we studied it further I began to see that it was very effective in its role to shock and inform and I began to understand that it was necessary and did its job well. After looking at the advert and others like it in great detail I would say that this advert is very successful at getting across its message. Its use of disturbing and shocking pictures and images hits home very hard and are very emotional and hard hitting. The idea of helping children affected by bad childhoods grow away from all of that hate and isolation and making them feel happy and loved is shown greatly in this, as none of us want to see a child, never mind a man commit suicide, and this I thought was effective. It helps the audience see what Barnardo's do for children all over England and how it helps children with their problems before anything serious happens to them and all is lost. As I have I said I think it is a very effective emotive advert that makes people see and understand what Barnardos do for the community and its children and understand how they can help others who are worse off than themselves. ...read more.

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