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´╗┐Laila Suleiman UNIT 8 P4/M3 CARE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUALS AT DIFFERENT LIFE STAGES For this task I am going to explain potential differences in care needs of individuals at different life stages, I am going to use a case study to produce a report which explains the differences in the care needs of the Mc Guinness family. Sharon (52) and Robert (50) have been together for 30 years. They have three children, Jamie (29), Sally (25) and Martin (17). Jamie is 29 and he has two children. Steven (6) and Sean (2). At the moment Steven is on the childhood stage. He is still depending on his parents to meet his physical needs as well as providing emotionally secure environments. His intellectual needs are generally met by school attendance; it?s also more likely to be met if he attends school regularly he will also pick up on things more quickly like many children his age. As growing up relationships begin to develop and social needs should also be met. ...read more.


Martin is a 17 year old boy. He belongs in the adolescence life stage. Adolescents become more and more able to function independently although it is still important that they have an emotionally secure environment. Martin is starting a sexual relationship with his first serious girlfriend; he is getting depressed about his acne. Everybody wants to retain their beauty and charm throughout their age, especially in teenage. When teenagers get affected by acne, it greatly hurts their self-esteem and confidence. Teenagers do not want anything irritating on their face or body; they always want their face and body to be fresh and glowing. In this case Martin will need formal care, because he will need to see a doctor or GP so that his acne can get treated. He may also need informal care, his family and friends could probably help him bring back his self-esteem and confidence. As for his sexual relationship with his first serious girlfriend he will need informal care. It will be best for him to ask either his parents or brother or sister for advice before he does anything with his girlfriend. ...read more.


Billy is 78 and he belongs in the older adulthood life stage. As people face the end of their lives they will need some sort of support. Billy needs formal and informal care. Sharon and Robert care for Sharon?s father, Billy. Billy is becoming increasingly frail and has started to show the first signs of dementia. Dementia is an illness of the brain. When someone has dementia, brain cells are damaged and die faster than they would normally; because Sharon and Robert have their own problems they could consider taking him to a day care centre or a care home. Even though he is old and can?t really take care of himself he should still be treated as an individual and not be discriminated against because of his age. At this age people lose the ability to look after themselves. Billy will need help with washing, dressing, and eating. He may also need to see his GP regularly because he is in adulthood life stage and when you get to this stage you get different kind of illnesses which I think can be treated somehow. ...read more.

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