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child dev intial visit first draft

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Initial visit The child that I am studying is called Khushi.Khushi is three years and 1months and was born on the 22nd of July. A brief description of the child Khushi has brown eyes and brown curly hair which she normally ties up in two pigtails. She is plump and has olive/brown skin. Khushi has all of her 20 primary teeth and takes care of them very well. Height and weight Average size for a three year old Khushi's actual size height 94cm weight 14.2 kg Personality Khushi is a happy and loving young girl who can be quite mischievous at times. Khushi is quite shy and doesn't act her self around others that she doesn't see everyday. I know this because I have seen her, all of a sudden, become quiet after someone enters the room she is playing in or if they ask her a question. Khushi is very protective over her toys and possessions. ...read more.


Inside Khushi normally plays in her bedroom with her learning box which includes sorting out colours and shapes, learning numbers and the alphabet. Khushi has a slide and swing set outside to play on. This helps her physical development. i.e. climbing, swinging etc. there is a gate at the side of the house to enable that Khushi doesn't run outside on her own or that nobody comes in. Physical development Gross motor skills I took Khushi to a park to test if her gross motor skills were developing well.Khushi showed me that she can run forward with accuracy by racing me to the slide showing spatial awareness to the other apparatus by run around them. . where she then showed me that she can walk up the slide stairs, two feet to a step, whereas she should be able to do it one foot to a step. Khushi can throw a large ball using an overhand technique and can catch a ball while putting one hand over the other to catch it. ...read more.


Khushi normally 'practises' speaking, by talking to herself, during play. she likes talking to her dolls. Emotional and social development Emotional Khushi has outgrown separation anxiety and will happily play alone with out her parents being there. She does not worry about her parents leaving her because she knows that they will come back. Khushi still has temper tantrums and tries to get her own way what ever it takes. Social Khushi still find it difficult to share things with other children. Khushi is normally dry though out the night but she has to be repeatedly asked if she needs to go to the toilet in the day. She will also need an adult to wait outside for her while in the toilet. Khushi is still in nappies. Khushi prefers to play on her own than with other children. She doesn't enjoy going to nursery and playing with the other kids because she has to leave her mum for 2 hours and play with strangers. She normally throws a tantrum and cries so let her mum take her home. ...read more.

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