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Child developement - As this is my final visit I intend to look at Joey's progress within the 10 months I have studied him.

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Visit 7 Date: 12th February 2002 People present: Joseph and myself Aims and planning As this is my final visit I intend to look at Joey's progress within the 10 months I have studied him. Expectations I expect drastic changes when I look back at what Joey used to be like. Physical description Joey still has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, he has no freckles, he has sticky out ears and his complexion is quite fair. These have not changed since 10 months ago. Joey has now had a full set of baby teeth. Joey is 100cm tall and he is 18kg, according to Pamela Minnett he is above average. Personality Joey used to be a little shy with new faces and he was a very laid back child. ...read more.


* Joey used to need help getting dressed, now he is able to do it alone, and pick his own clothes. * Joey is now able to go to the toilet with no help at all except reaching the sink without the stool. * When Joey eats, he makes a little mess, but not much. He used to get more on the floor and on him self than he had eaten. * Joey is now able to sit and look a picture book alone, identifying pictures and words. * Joey used to be very curious about everything in life, he is more interested now in doing his own thing, or being center of attention. ...read more.


I think that Joey has learnt to control them at an advantage for him to make people feel guilty for him, when he doesn't get his own way. Social - Joey is easily inspired, especially if it is something a teenager or an adult does, so he has to be watch constantly and he loves the attention. Joey loves to play alone and with his friends so he has the best of both worlds. I think Joey is mature for his age in some situations but in others he can be quite a hand full. Joey has always loved to be in a crowd, and always got on well with others so this was never a problem. Joey did go through a stage were he liked to boss people about, but he soon grew out of it. I think Joey will grow up working with lots of different people. ...read more.

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