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children act

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The Children Act 1989 The children act 1989 is British act of parliament that altered the law in regarded to children. In particular, it introduced the notion of parental responsibility. The Act covers children and young people under the age of 18. Key principles of the Act: * The paramouncy principle, which protects children who are at risk. * Wherever possible, children should be bought up and cared for within their own families * Children in need and parents should be supported in the upbringing of their child * Children should be kept safe to be protected by effective interventions, if they are in danger * Courts should ensure that delays are avoided and should only make on order if to do so is better then making no order ...read more.


Decisions have to be reached as to weather the parents have the ability to meet these needs when caring for the child. The services provided under the children act 1989 can include: * Social work * Help with housing and support * Equipment and adaptations * Occupational therapists or other specialists * Short-term breaks * Counselling * Interpreters * An advocate or representative for individuals or families. The main purpose of child protection are to keep a child safe and secure, protecting the chid from harm. The local authorities have a statutory duty to investigate any reported cases of child abuse to protect the child from harm. Abuse can be in a form of verbal, sexual or physical punishment or emotional torture. ...read more.


Disabled includes the blind, deaf or suffering from mental disorder, or handicapped by illness, injury or congenital deformity or other disability as may be prescribed. 'The paramouncy principle' The welfare of the child is the paramount consideration when decisions are made by the courts or other in relation to the upbringing of the child. So this means that the parent's wishes can be overridden if these are considered not to be in the best interest of the child. Although the concept of welfare is not defined in the children act, there are a number of factors which taken into consideration when the courts are making decisions. (Sometimes known as the 'welfare checklist) As a result of the act, children are protected from harm through the 'paramouncy' principle. ...read more.

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