Informal Carers And Their Influence On Children

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Informal Sector

Informal carers are people who look after others without the framework of an organisation, professional work and aren’t being paid. There are many people who need social care and support, but cannot afford to buy services from the private sectors, so these people would seek informal care and support from relatives, friends and neighbours. The common services provided are housing, financial assistance and emotional support. The elderly, children and those that have long-term care needs receive informal care. For vulnerable children between 3-5 year old have informal carers that are more likely to be their siblings and grandparents because these people are not trained, employed or paid to provide care, they are known as informal carers.


Grandmothers and sometimes grandfathers are regularly involved in caring for their grandchildren, which would enable younger women to return to work after maternity leave because children cost a fortune to bring up, especially for low income families. Grandparents can care for their grandchildren by having them stay overnight or for a visit every now and then, giving parents the chance for a much-needed break and a chance to concentrate on their relationship with one another. This would help children emotional and mental state because babysitting can be linked to decreasing the rate of depression. A hug from a grandparent, for example, can effect a child’s emotional development. If grandparents are openly loving, and in harmony they will have a development effect on the child, which has a positive effect on his or her continuing development. That child will tend to be firmly attached, pleasant-sounding in his/her relationships, and tolerant of familiarity as an adult. In contrast, contact with an emotionally voracious grandparent leaves a child underprivileged, anxiously attached, and hurting. The child might feel anxious about starting school and will probably settle with some reassurance. Grandparents are a vital in children emotional development because children begin to learn how to cope with their feeling by observing people surrounding them during early childhood. Grandparents play a part in a child’s emotional development by offering love, acceptance and respect. This is because a child who feels encouraged and supported by their grandparents, who may be their role model, will develop confidents and a sense of independence.

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A child’s physical needs must be satisfied for them to be physically healthy. Grandparents as an informal career would look after a child’s physical needs when they are babysitting or the child is staying over. They’ll set a bedtime arrangement for their grandchild in order for the grandchild to sleep the right amount of time which is 11-15. A grandparent would also feed the child regularly so that the child is getting a balance diet. They’ll be supplying the child with breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, dinner on the evening and snacks whenever needed so the child ...

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