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Experiencing Single Parenthood There are many different factors that can affect the emotions that parents may experience, especially for single parents who are obligated to raise their children on their own

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Experiencing Single Parenthood There are many different factors that can affect the emotions that parents may experience, especially for single parents who are obligated to raise their children on their own. Some of these hectic issues may include economic instability, lack of time, loss of one's independence, and our society's negative perspectives and pressure on single parenthood. However, out of all the factors that affect this tremendous and demanding task, money seems to be the greatest factor that places a huge burden on the parents. Experts predict that the costs of raising a child through the age of seventeen may be anywhere from $160,000 to $237,000. Even though this enormous amount of wealth is an expansion throughout seventeen years, many single parents are not able to afford this financial responsibility. ...read more.


It would usually be another family member and sometimes it would be an outside source like daycare program and babysitting services. Understanding these acrid facts of reality, the parent may feel extremely blameworthy for having to send the child away during the day. Furthermore, the parent may also feel even worse when he or she possesses no available time for the child at the end of the day due to extended work hours, fatigue, and intensity. The same agonizing daily process would repeat itself, and eventually the child and the parent will possibly be involved in a broken relationship from the lack of communication. This unsatisfying conclusion is not because of poor parenting, but because life constrains them in that undesirable situation. ...read more.


This is why it is critical to have both the mother and the father to raise a child together. Even though some may disagree that claim and there may be exceptions to that rule, but in general, parenthood is best achieved with both a mother and a father involved. Here in America, single parent families are almost a norm, along with the excessive divorce rates, and a decline in developing children and adolescence. Nowadays, the word "family" is so far stretched apart making it sound almost futile in our society. Hopefully our methods of raising a child will adjust more positively within the near future, and not lead the innocent ones into a dramatic crisis, along with our perception of family. ...read more.

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