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Food and Health in schools

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1. Directed writing: booklet page 40. 2. 3. 4. Nowadays Couch potato teenagers are seen more frequently. Why would you think this happen?. The one to blame firstly is the school. 5. 6. At schools, including Longwood high school, there has been an increase of overweight students due to the food they eat at break time and at dinner at school. This happens because the unhealthy options they offer, their prices and the low physical exercise. 7. 8. At break time? 9. ...read more.


Montgomery, teenagers? specialist. 10. 11. At lunchtime? 12. The main diet of pupils that buy their food at school consists in burger and chips, pizza and chips, or just chips. 98% of the students eat chips for their meal!!! Most food sold at school is limited and pre-cooked. 13. There?s also the people who brings school their lunch, the great majority eat white bread sandwiches, salty crisps and a chocolate bar or cake, and a fruit juice and afterwards a dessert from the vending machines, usually chocolate, sweets or a fizzy drink. ...read more.


Mostly the bulliers are students that practice sports and are in healthy conditions the ones that bully the overweight children. 17. 18. What can we do to be healthier? 19. Raising awareness is a starting point; also talking to the headmistress of your school to change the menu for dinner would be helpful. For example replacing the fizzy drinks for fresh water or diet drinks, or introducing consistent salads and meat or chicken sandwiches to the menu. Doing more physical education at school or having fun with any sport is useful too! 20. 21. ...read more.

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