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Health and social care level 2 - Human Lifespan Development

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´╗┐UNIT 8 ASSIGNMENT 1 : Human Lifespan Development By Lissa Williams Life Stages Types of development Examples of development Infancy (0-3 years) Physical Intellectual Emotional Social The baby can sit up without support (6 months) The baby can walk without help ( 12 months) The baby can climb onto furniture and kick a ball but cannot catch a ball (2 years) Babies start to cry to express their hunger, anger and pain. They are very curious about what is going on around them. They put anything they can hold in their hands into their mouth.( 6 months) By the age of 1 most babies should be able to name simple objects and by the age of 2 they should start to put words into easy sentences?. Babies by the age of 1 are able to learn how their behaviour can have an effect on others such as their carers/parents and are able to express their emotions through tears, facial expressions and laughter. Babies at the age of 2 are known for their temper tantrum as they struggle to express their emotions. Babies start to recognize their parents, family and friends between the ages of 3 to 6 months old. ...read more.


as teenagers develop a lot of emotional feelings and try and figure out their own identity and emotional intelligence. Some teenagers change from behaving like children to adults and some behaving like children instead of adults. (immature and mature) They may sometimes feel misunderstood by people and may challenge parental values and purposely pushing their boundaries. This can be apparent as rebellious by carers and family tension. Teenagers can become less dependent on their family for emotional support and ten to turn to their friend?s for advice. Emotional and social development is similar when it comes to teenagers as teenagers gain independence and spend more time with their friends which allow them to develop social intelligence. Teenagers often struggle as they want to be liked by everyone and they turn more to their friends. Peer pressure can also be difficult as it challenges Adulthood Physical: Intellectual: Emotional: Social: At this stage of physical development they are fully mature and at this point they have children. From the age of 30 people start to notice a couple of physical changes such as their skin start to get wrinkles and their hair starts to become grey and thinner, there sight becomes less clear and they may start to lose their hearing. ...read more.


When people reach old age they will end up dealing with some sort of disability. Older people can still learn different skills such as playing scrabble or learning to play an instrument or join a pottery class this includes interacting with other people which provides mental stimulation to people with older age. For some older people they are less able to solve problems as their brains ten to work slower and in most cases this can cause dementia. There is both negative and positive development in older age. The wisdom in older age is valued so they can feel like they are making a contribution to their communities. Many old aged people are delighted to have free time so they can spend it with loved ones such as their family and friends or pursuing their hobbies. As older people have retired so they do not work and have spare time so they can spend time with their family and friends. Some may do some voluntary work. Some may want to develop more interest in specific things such as going to pottery classes or day centres and this is healthy for older age people. If families or friends do not live nearby then it can be difficult to visit them as you may not have transport or live alone and you may become depressed and isolated. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

The work presented identified milestones in human growth & development. Overall the information I would expect to see was there. There were some generalisations made ? make clear that what is being referred to is what would apply to most but not all children/adults. Give a few more examples to illustrate points being made ? eg. children become more curious about their environment ? how is this shown?
The writing style was good overall.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 06/06/2013

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